Wales Committee

The Wales Committee's terms of reference are:

  • to represent the views of the solicitors' profession in Wales and Welsh solicitors' current priorities
  • to work with the Law Society's Wales Office in the delivery of its services to members
  • to engage with the Welsh Government, the National Assembly for Wales, individual Assembly members and other stakeholders
  • to engage with the development of devolution including:
    a) the law-making process in Wales;
    b) the emergence of a distinct body of law which applies only to Wales;
    c) changes in both law and process applicable only in Wales which impact on the practice of law in Wales;
    d) the rule of law;
    e) access to justice
    and to advise upon and disseminate this information to the Law Society and the solicitors' profession throughout England and Wales
  • to recognise, promote and support the contribution of the solicitors' profession to the Welsh economy
  • to promote the use of the Welsh language in the delivery of legal services within Wales

Who to contact

Sian Johnston, administrator at the Law Society's Wales Office


  • Patricia Beeching (CM)
  • Scott Bowen (CM)
  • Jade Cox
  • Trevor Coxon
  • Andrew Cross
  • Mark Davies
  • Michael Draper
  • Mark Evans (chair)
  • Edward Friend
  • Carolyn Kirby (CM)
  • Trudy McBride
  • Richard Owen
  • Osian Lloyd Roberts
  • Rachelle Selleck
  • Sarah Watkins (CM)
  • Huw Williams