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Our strategy and plan

  • Our purpose and vision

    Our purpose:

    To be the voice of solicitors, to drive excellence in the profession and to safeguard the rule of law.

    Our vision for the profession:

    A valued profession delivering the highest quality legal services in the public interest and advancing the rule of law.

    Our goals

    We have developed, and tested through our governance, four goals which highlight our priorities of being a voice for the profession and driving excellence. These relate directly to the outcomes our members want.

    For year one of our five-year plan, we have set out core objectives to help us deliver these goals.

    Goal 1

    Promoting the profession by:

    • building members' reputation and business by promoting the value of solicitors to the public, to businesses and relevant stakeholders, here and abroad
    • increasing levels of member engagement with us and levels of awareness of our offer

    Goal 2

    Influencing for impact by protecting and growing:

    • the value of the profession and safeguard the rule of law by influencing the legal and regulatory environment at home and abroad
    • the value of English and Welsh law and solicitors to the worldwide economy

    Goal 3

    Driving professional excellence, by helping members:

    • stay ahead of the game and develop their careers through lifelong learning
    • anticipate change and deliver excellent day to day practise with high quality tools, resources and insight
    • stay up to date with targeted and relevant news and intelligence through channels they value

    Goal 4

    Enhancing member value through organisational efficiencies, growth and developing our people:

    • including creating a thriving, dynamic and forward-thinking organisation where staff, council and committee members are aligned with our vision, purpose

    Our Business Plan for 2019/20

    Our Business Plan sets out how we will deliver our strategy this year. We will report on the outcomes in our Business Review and Annual Report next year.

    Read our Business Plan for 2019/20