Legal Ombudsman business plan 2019/20 consultation

The Law Society has responded to the Legal Ombudsman's (LeO) consultation on its proposed business plan for 2019/20, which forms the third and final year of its 2017-2020 strategy.

We have highlighted in our response that the Legal Ombudsman is behind on their caseload targets, despite having made much progress with its modernisation programme in 2018/19.

We support the Ombudsman's objectives to:

  • achieve consistent and sustainable performance in 2019/20
  • build and maintain trust and confidence by delivering and sustaining good performance, and
  • remain relevant and maximise its impact in a fast-changing environment.

However, delivering high quality decisions and obtaining consistent performance remains an issue. This is an area we have requested they focus on.

We gave a number of recommendations to improve performance targets, and raise the issue of how the LeO needs to focus on the potential impacts of the SRA Handbook in our response.