Law Commission's consultation on Planning Law in Wales - Law Society response

The Law Society's Planning and Environmental Law Committee recently responded to the Law Commission’s consultation on Planning Law in Wales.

The consultation reflects an ambitious programme of work to develop a new planning code for Wales. It does not seek major policy change but aims to modernise and simplify a system made increasingly complex by piecemeal change over time and increased divergence through devolution.

The Committee supports the Commission’s ambitions and commends the quantity and quality of work done to date.

In its detailed response, the Committee agreed with the majority of the reform proposals, while pointing out how some of the more difficult or controversial issues might be dealt with. The abolition of outline planning permission, amalgamation of permissions for listed building consent with general planning permissions and some aspects of managing developer contributions are areas where the Committee felt particular attention would need to be focused.

The Law Commission’s programme will continue for some time and the Planning and Environmental Law Committee look forward to contributing further in due course.

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