HMCTS court access scheme update

Since the court access scheme was first proposed we've engaged with HM Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) and other membership bodies to assess both its cost and effectiveness.

We've done this bearing in mind that many members of the solicitor profession, for whom the scheme would be relevant, already possess CLSA and/or LCCSA identity cards to access courts to carry out their duties.

We said from the outset that we would have to wait until HMCTS had appointed a long term supplier before we considered whether this very considerable financial investment represented a good investment for our members. Such a supplier has now been appointed we are looking at the practicalities and costs of joining.

The HMCTS solution is digital and requires reliable authentication of identity, therefore we're currently embarking on a rigorous evaluation of the solution to ensure we and HMCTS come up with a secure solution in conjunction with their supplier.

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