How to enter

Entries for the Law Society Awards 2021 have now closed. Good luck to all the teams, firms and organisations who have entered.

You may submit an entry for:

  • yourself or your own organisation
  • another individual or organisation

Submissions must relate to activities or initiatives conducted in the 12 months before 1 February 2021.

Entering the awards

An entry is made up of:

  • your nomination
  • a 50-word summary of your entry
  • independent objective evidence

Your nomination

Team/firm awards

Use the award criteria and entry requirements to explain why your entry should be considered.

Write up to 150 words under each heading:

  • outline of the initiatives/actions taken
  • reasons for taking these initiatives/actions
  • significant issues addressed
  • benefits to the practice or organisation
  • evidence of impact on clients or others

Any headings over 150 words will not allow entries to be submitted so keep the word count in mind when creating your entry.

Individual awards

Use the award criteria and entry requirements to explain in up to 750 words why you think the nominee should win.

To enter the individual awards, nominees must be on the roll of solicitors for England and Wales and practising, unless otherwise stated.

Entry summary 

Summarise the key points of your entry in no more than 50 words.

This description will be used in publicity material if your entry is shortlisted, so make sure this is correct.

Independent evidence

You’re encouraged to submit independent objective evidence of achievements from third parties.

Evidence could be in the form of testimonials received on letterheaded paper, by email, or via press cuttings.

Do not use more than three sides of A4. The judges will not consider additional pages or materials.

Tips for a successful entry

  • Consider your angle. What projects can you promote, in which categories, to get there?
  • Get a second opinion. Ideas and insight from the team could make all the difference
  • Enter more than one. Try to submit a nomination for two or three categories – the more you do, the more chance you have!
  • Pick apart the criteria. This tells you exactly what the judges are looking for and how you can win
  • Tell a story. Engage the judges with the story of your success
  • Add detail. Make sure there’s enough detail for the judges to understand who you are, what you do and how you do it
  • Stay focused. Be clear and to the point. Don’t get side-tracked
  • Show your evidence. Back your points up with facts, figures, KPIs and quotes as evidence
  • Stand out. Tell us exactly what makes you different. Why do you deserve to win?
  • Proof it again. Make sure you fact check and spot any mistakes

Entry rules and procedures

Nominations must be submitted using the online nomination system.

All nomination forms must be received by Friday 4 June 2021.

  1. Entries must be accompanied by a 50-word summary of your entry (for PR purposes)
  2. Shortlisted entrants may be asked to provide further information and to meet with a representative of the Law Society
  3. Employees and office holders of the Law Society are not eligible to be nominated to the awards. However, they may nominate individuals and team/firms not employed by the Law Society
  4. The judges’ decisions are final, and awards will be made at their discretion. Not all the awards advertised will be awarded if the judges consider that the criteria have not been met. Additional commendations may be made at the judges’ discretion
  5. The content of any entry may be used for publicity purposes unless the entrant withholds their consent to this in writing. Content submitted online may be accessible publicly through our website. The content and its publication must therefore be lawful and not confidential
  6. Entrants will be deemed to have accepted these rules and procedures and to have agreed to be bound by them when entering this competition
  7. We aim to provide feedback on entries
  8. Any awards will be automatically rescinded in the event of the winner being struck off
  9. To help us manage and maintain the reputation of the Law Society Awards, you must inform us about any negative media stories relating to the nominated person or practice that have occurred during the 12 months preceding the Law Society Awards ceremony in the week commencing Thursday 7 October 2021. Negative publicity does not necessarily mean that your entry will be disallowed; however, if it is not disclosed, your entry may be invalidated

Submitting your entry

All nominations must be made online using our online entry form.

You can save your entry before submitting, and access saved entries when you log into the system.

If you have any issues with the online system, email us at