International Fair Trial Day and Ebru Timtik Award

We've joined with international bar associations and human rights groups to arrange International Fair Trial Day, which will be observed every year on 14 June.

International Fair Trial Day & Ebru Timtik Award 14 June 2021

We're also taking steps to introduce a yearly Ebru Timtik Award to recognise an individual or an organisation who has made an exceptional contribution towards securing fair trial rights in the country that International Fair Trial Day is focusing on each year.

Ebru Timtik was a Turkish lawyer who died during a hunger strike while in detention, protesting against a lack of fair trial guarantees in her own case and the cases of others in Turkey.

We previously sent two joint submissions to UN special rapporteurs, urgently asking for their support in calling on Turkish authorities to release her.

We'll share further details of the programme and of the speakers who will address the conference over the next few months.

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