Joint statement on Myanmar, Colombia and China to UN Human Rights Council

We joined with international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) for a session on the independent international fact-finding mission on Myanmar, Colombia, and China at the 48th session of the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council.

What's the issue

We're concerned by the lack of effective engagement with the universal periodic review (UPR) process by Myanmar, Colombia, China.


The military coup in Myanmar has precluded an interactive dialogue on its UPR outcome for two consecutive UN Human Rights Council sessions.

Meanwhile, lawyers and defenders continue to be at risk, and a number have been arbitrarily detained, disappeared, and ill-treated by the junta.


Mid-term assessment after Colombia’s 2018 UPR shows lack of progress in implementing the recommendations it accepted on protection of lawyers.

Lawyers and defenders continue to be in danger in Colombia, and protection measures remain inadequate.


China has not implemented recommendations accepted during its 2018 UPR.

Mid-term assessment demonstrates that China continues to persecute lawyers and defenders without improvement in freedom of expression or fair trial rights.

Lawyer Chang Weiping recently reported torture and ill-treatment during months of arbitrary detention without access to a lawyer.

China is not fulfilling its responsibilities as a member of the council to “uphold the highest standards of human rights".

What we've asked for

We urge all states under review to:

  • monitor and ensure implementation of all accepted recommendations
  • comply with the process

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