Justice Week

Justice Week 2020 ran from Monday 24 to Friday 28 February. We covered different themes each day with a range of events and activities.

Justice Week photography exhibition: Chahla and Omar
From the photography exhibition ‘Youth Justice in Focus’, which ran from Monday 24 February to 6 March in the Law Society’s main foyer. Photograph: Alice Mutasa

Justice Week was first held in 2018, and is championed by the Law Society, the Bar Council and the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx)

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Justice Week 2020

Justice Week logoJustice Week 2020 ran from Monday 24 to Friday 28 February. The aim of Justice Week 2020 was to improve access to justice by boosting the profile of justice and the rule of law, placing them at the centre stage of public and political debate.

Justice and the rule of law are facing major threats, from cuts to spending to attacks on the judiciary. This undermines our democracy.

It’s essential for young people to:

  • understand the importance of the justice system
  • value the rule of law
  • see justice and the rule of law as fundamental to our lives and freedoms

From schools to the media, our institutions still have work to do when it comes to scrutinising and promoting the world of law and making it easier to understand.

Justice Week is a unique opportunity for organisations to highlight their work to promote the importance of the rule of law to young people.

At a time of widespread discussion about citizens’ rights and obligations, the role of Parliament and the rule of law, Justice Week activities will boost young people’s support Our Justice Team logoand understanding of the justice system in England and Wales.

Justice Week at the Law Society

We covered different themes every day during Justice Week 2020. You can see the list of events that took place below.

You can also still access some of our Justice Week 2020 resources.

Can public legal education (PLE) really increase access to justice?

The Legal Services Board (LSB) presented new insights from the PLE element of its Individual Legal Needs Survey. This seminar provided insights into the barriers that people with lower legal capability face when accessing our justice system and what practical steps can be undertaken to lower them.

Photography Exhibition: Youth Justice in Focus

Exhibition by photographer Alice Mutasa featuring photographic portraits of children and young people who have been through the legal system in different categories of law, accompanied by text cards telling each person’s story. 

Roundtable: Desert greening for Welsh lawyers

The Equality and Human Rights Commission ran a roundtable on promoting freedoms day in Justice Week for Welsh lawyers to start talking about how we can end the discrimination law advice desert in Wales. 

The keynote speaker was His Honour Judge Milwyn Jarman QC, Diversity and Community Relations Judge. Barristers and solicitors from Wales talked about discrimination cases they have been involved in, and Angharad Price discussed work that the Commission is doing to fund cases, using its unique enforcement powers to support discrimination legal work in Wales.

Fighting for Your Rights Hackathon

The Law Society assembled a Hacking Justice team - including solicitors, programmers, students, professors and others passionate about increasing access to justice - to help fix our crippled justice system.

Streetlaw in the Manchester Employment Tribunal to litigants in person

A one-hour presentation by BPP Law School in co-operation with the University of Salford on what happens at a final hearing in an employment tribunal case.

The session aimed to provide litigants in person with an understanding of the process and give them an opportunity to ask questions about the procedure.

How should modern lawyers advance rights and protect access to justice?

A QS where a range of practitioners discussed inertia and alienation in the legal system, and their daily practice fighting for rights.

Photo call for MPs

This was an opportunity for MPs to cite examples of where they have “…used the law to...” protect or fight for rights and freedoms (part of the wider Justice Week campaign profiling the power of law).

Streetlaw workshop on the law after a relationship breakdown

A two-part session held by BPP Law School and Collaborative Women, advising women escaping backgrounds of domestic abuse and other social challenges about steps to think about after separating from a partner.

The women took part in a Q&A with a barrister and BPTC tutor, Michelle Mayoh, and trainee solicitor, Zainab Gulamhussein. The panel event focused on overcoming challenges as a woman in the law. 

Streetlaw training for BPP student volunteers

BPP Law School students learned about the importance of PLE/Streetlaw to different community groups and had a chance to practice and develop communication and presenting skills.

BEE Scheme: Branding and advertising products

BPP Law students and Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership held a short interactive workshop to assist those in the local community looking to start their own business.


We discussed what can be done to improve young people's understanding of the law, the importance of access to justice and how solicitors contribute to society. 

Event at York University

Sue Miller of the Stop Ecocide campaign spoke to Law Students from the University of York, York St John University, and the University of Northumbria.

Streetlaw workshop: Running a business online and the law

A short interactive workshop to students provided information on the law of online businesses.

Streetlaw workshop: Domestic abuse and the law

A public legal education workshop to Category C male prisoners at HMP Brixton. BPP Law School students took the prisoners through a discussion of the types of domestic violence, the law surrounding it and sources of help. 

Goldilocks workshop with Raynville Primary School Year 5 students

An introduction to criminal law and the criminal trial procedure taught to Year 5 students. The schoolchildren were given an overview of criminal justice and what is meant by a crime.

They then acted out a trial, supported by BPP Law students, in which Goldilocks was placed on trial for burglary and criminal damage of the Three Bears Property. 

Goldilocks mock trial for 90 Year 5 students

An introduction to criminal law and the criminal trial procedure taught to Year 5 students. The schoolchildren were given an overview of criminal justice and what is meant by a crime. They then acted out a trial, supported by BPP Law students, in which Goldilocks was placed on trial for burglary and criminal damage of the Three Bears Property. 

Legal Design Sprint

In early February, the Bar Council teamed up with City Law School to launch the Legal Design Sprint, a competition for university students to visualise and re-imagine legal processes. Teams spent one month perfecting their designs and presented them for prizes!

Read more about our public legal education work


Cases that Changed Everything

A series of podcasts looking at three recent cases that had a material impact on freedom, rights and our democracy - for better or worse.

Part 1: Protecting Freedom - Lee v Ashers Baking Company Ltd and others (the ‘gay cake’ case)

Part 2: Fighting for Rights – UNISON v the Lord Chancellor (the tribunal fees case)

Part 3: Defending Democracy – Miller 2 (the prorogation case)

InterClimate Network podcast

The In House Pro Bono Group brought together young leaders and representatives from charity InterClimate Network to discuss how justice and the rule of law are fundamental to our lives and freedoms in the context of ‘saving the planet’.

You can listen to the first of three podcasts on Podbean – it will also be added to Apple podcasts soon. Episodes two and three will be released in the next couple of weeks.

For more information on the In House Pro Bono Group, please visit www.inhouseprobono.uk or email info@inhouseprobono.uk

Justice Week Papers

Each day of Justice Week, the Justice Papers delved into one of the themes to shed light on how the law operates.

Saving the planet: The power of the law in protecting Earth

The public’s concern about the environment is at a record high, with many young people feeling extreme ‘eco-anxiety’ about the future of the planet.

The Bar Council – supported by CILEx – has created a film to highlight the work of environmental lawyers, who are using the law to save the planet.

Young Citizens: The Big Legal Lesson - What is The Big Legal Lesson?

Resources to help teachers deliver a high-quality ‘Introduction to the Law’ legal lesson to their students. There are different versions for key stages 1 to 4. 

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