Law Society partners with Barclays Eagle Labs

Barclays is transforming their London Eagle Lab in Notting Hill Gate into a thriving hub for LawTech businesses. The Law Society is partnering with Barclays to drive and support innovation in this dynamic field.

The space will encourage co-working and business incubation, collaboration and mentoring. Its event and meet-up spaces will help members become leaders in their field and strengthen the UK’s reputation for excellence in the legal services sector.

With the support of the Law Society, the initiative will bring together the experts helping to revolutionise the technological environment that law firms need to thrive: the initiative’s academic partners, University College London and the University of Liverpool, will ensure that all parties have access to cutting edge thinking in lawtech and AI; and events partner Legal Geek will contribute to the creation of an innovative LawTech ecosystem.

A number of leading law firms are also part of this initiative to be on hand to provide feedback and guidance to help entrepreneurs develop, test and refine their products.

This is an exciting opportunity for the broadest possible spectrum of firms to get involved in the development of LawTech, and influence how it shapes the industry in the future.

Find out more on the Barclays Eagle Labs page. 

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