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How the SQE will be assessed

Assessment provider

The assessment provider will be Kaplan.

Kaplan will only offer the assessments and will not be able to offer training for the assessments.

Assessment sittings

There will be at least two sittings every year, although the timings have not yet been decided. The SRA is currently taking input from stakeholders.

Kaplan has partnered with Pearson, who will be providing assessment centres for written and computer-based assessments. There will also be a smaller number of centres for oral skills assessments.

There will be a network of assessment centres in England and Wales, as well as internationally, for the written assessments.

Order of assessments

SQE1 must be passed in its entirety before SQE2 can be taken. The required elements can otherwise be taken in any order.

It’s expected that candidates will complete their academic education before SQE1 and most of their qualifying work experience after SQE1.


Results will be sent to candidates, and data will be given to organisations so they can put individual results into context.

In most cases, SQE2 will be taken and results given before the end of the qualifying work experience period. This will help employers decide which candidates they want to keep on after they finish their qualifying work experience.

Candidates will only be able to take two retakes over a six-year period without losing any marks gained at an earlier stage of the SQE assessment.

Employers may wish to to consider the position of candidates who do not pass all the required SQE assessments within a two-year period.

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