CQS accreditation training – guide for organisation administrators

Becoming an organisation administrator allows you to bulk purchase training and allocate it to all staff within your firm who need to take Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) training.

The below video takes you through the steps for becoming an organisation administrator and how to purchase and allocate courses to your staff.

Alternatively, you can read the guide below.

How to become an organisation administrator

If you would like to be set up as an organisation administrator, email pdc@lawsocietyorg.uk. Your email should include:

  • your PDC username
  • your firm’s SRA ID
  • a statement that you have the authority to be the organisation administrator for your firm

How to link staff members to your account

For staff members to appear within your allocation list, they must have the same organisation details as you in their account. If they are creating a new account, make sure they search for your firm’s SRA ID number when selecting their organisation in the registration page.

If they already have a PDC account, email us at pdc@lawsocietyorg.uk and tell us their username. We can then manually add them to your allocation list.

If they do not have a PDC account, ask them to register, and make sure they enter the firm’s SRA ID when prompted. This allows them to be automatically linked.

Buying and allocating courses and monitoring progress

Once you have been set up as an organisation administrator, you will able to bulk buy and allocate training.

Buying training

To buy training, go to the PDC website and search for the courses using the search function at the top of the screen.

When you click ‘Add to cart’ on a course, a pop-up will appear asking if you wish to ‘purchase for myself’ or ‘pre-purchase for others’. Select ‘pre-purchase for others’ and input the amount you need in the box before clicking submit.

Repeat these steps for any other courses you need, then proceed to check out and make payment.

Please note, if you have purchased the capped rate training, you will need to enter your unique coupon code at the checkout page to bypass the payment.

Allocating courses

Once we have received the payment, you will find the course available to assign within the ‘Assign purchased training’ page in the ‘Manage your organisation’s training’ menu option.

You will see the name of the course(s) you bought with the quantity available to assign to your staff. To allocate a course click on the ‘Assign users’ button (a blue circle with a white downward arrow).

A list of your staff members’ names will appear. Select the names of individuals you want to assign this training to and click ‘Submit’. It is important you allow three to five minutes for the training to be assigned into their accounts.

If someone is not appearing within your list, contact the PDC team.

To monitor the progress of outstanding training, email pdc@lawsociety.org.uk with a list of names and courses and we will arrange this for you.

Reassigning a course

If you need to reset or reassign courses into an individual’s account, follow the same process as when you originally allocated them their course. The system will ask if you would like to ‘overwrite’ the current version in their account – simply select ‘yes’.

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