In a 'dysfunctional' asylum system right of appeal is vital

Responding to comments by the Home Secretary on the UK’s “dysfunctional” asylum system, the Law Society of England and Wales president I. Stephanie Boyce said: “When people are subject to a life or death decision they should have a right of appeal to make sure of a correct outcome. People seeking asylum through the UK’s labyrinthine immigration system need the expert advice of lawyers to have their claim properly represented. 55% of claims are accepted at the first pass.

“When it comes to appeals, 48% of these are upheld – clear evidence of poor decision-making by the Home Office and why the right of appeal is so important. It is this poor Home Office decision-making coupled with catastrophic delays that are crippling the asylum system.

“The Afghan crisis is a stark reminder of why people so often have to use irregular routes to reach safety. Under provisions in the Nationality and Borders Bill, people in these situations would be denied sanctuary in the UK. The lawyers who advise any such claimants provide a public service. They deserve our gratitude for protecting the rights of refugees and ensuring justice is done.”

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