Indian Supreme Court protects access for foreign lawyers

Protecting foreign lawyers’ ability to conduct fly in fly out business in India is an important milestone in the country’s journey towards opening up its legal services market, the Law Society of England and Wales said today in the wake of a ruling in the Supreme Court of India.

“Further market opening for Indian legal services would provide a boost for the Indian legal services market and open up significant opportunities for Indian as well as English and Welsh lawyers,” said Law Society vice president Christina Blacklaws.

“It would also help Indian clients get the legal advice they need without having to secure it from outside of the jurisdiction.

“The Government of India and the Bar Council of India now have an opportunity to bring Indian and foreign legal professions together on a more formal footing, preparing the ground for foreign law firms to establish in India.

“Young Indian advocates in particular would benefit from the training and more varied career prospects that international law firms would bring with them.

“And if law firms from overseas are freed to serve both Indian and international clients this will help oil the wheels of global commerce.”

An open legal services sector would ease doing business in India, drawing in ever more investors. Indian companies would also have an easier time fulfilling their ambitions on the world stage - while keeping their costs to a minimum.

Christina Blacklaws added: “For more than a decade the Law Society of England and Wales has been working towards an opening of India’s legal services market – today there is good reason for cautious optimism for real progress to the benefit of all.”

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