Law Society and Rome Bar commit to continuing collaboration post-Brexit

A new deal between the Law Society of England and Wales and the Rome Bar has seen both organisations vow to continue co-operating in support of the Italian and English legal professions – despite the impact of Brexit.

Italian flag flying outside the Constitutional Court of the Italian Republic in Rome

In a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed today (27 July), the two organisations pledged to continue championing the practising rights of our solicitors in Italy and Italian lawyers in England and Wales. They also committed to exchanging information on immigration and other areas that could affect their members’ international practice.

During a livestreamed virtual signing ceremony Law Society president I. Stephanie Boyce said: “Having an open and welcoming regulatory system is one of the key strengths of the English and Welsh legal market. An important part of this approach is a strong relationship with our European counterparts, including the Rome Bar, based on mutual support and reciprocity.”

With a number of English law firms with a presence in Italy and a growing community of Italian businesses and law firms operating in London, the ties between legal practitioners from both countries are now stronger than ever.

I. Stephanie Boyce added: “Brexit means new rules for lawyers in both our countries, but it does not dampen the importance our markets have to each other.

“The relationship between the Law Society and the Rome Bar is deeply rooted. Italy is a nation with a strong legal tradition, and our countries can only benefit by sharing knowledge and expertise.”

The MoU also re-affirms both organisations’ commitment to the rule of law, protection of human rights and access to justice, as well as the goals of the United Nations Agenda 2030.

Rome Bar president Antonino Galletti said: “I warmly encourage everyone to celebrate this memorandum of understanding between the Rome Bar and the Law Society, the long-established organisation which represents the English solicitors’ profession.

“It envisages future avenues of collaboration between our organisations aimed at strengthening our international profile and supporting legal professionals in Rome who are seeking to acquire international and Europe-wide experience. This is particularly important for our younger colleagues, who will have to navigate a world where knowledge – and hence professions – are becoming ever more global.” 

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Download the Rome Bar and Law Society memorandum of understanding (PDF 178 KB)

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