Public and profession best served by clear misconduct reporting rules

Responding to a consultation on serious misconduct reporting by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, Law Society vice president Simon Davis said: “The solicitor profession rightly maintains exceptionally high professional and ethical standards.

“The Law Society is glad of the opportunity to develop greater clarity on the process for reporting misconduct so that serious cases are reported promptly, prioritised and dealt with quickly.

“We hope for a common-sense approach that recognises the imperative to report matters when appropriate, deters over-reporting and is proportionate to the level of misconduct. The system should be suitable for the entire profession, from sole practitioners to larger firms.

“As with every profession, it is vital that any solicitor whose actions breach our code of conduct is held to account. It is in the best interests of the public, our members and their clients that the reporting process is clearly defined and easily understood.”

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