Upholders of the law: Day of the Endangered Lawyer 2020

Lawyers across the world risk harassment, prosecution, imprisonment and even murder just for doing their jobs, the Law Society of England and Wales said to mark the Day of the Endangered Lawyer on 24 January.

Law Society president Simon Davis said: “We honour the courage and commitment of lawyers around the world who uphold justice, often despite considerable risk to themselves, their colleagues, and their families.

“The rule of law is essential to preserve democratic values, fundamental freedoms and good governance.

“An independent legal profession underpins political, social, and economic stability.

“Lawyers must be allowed to carry out their professional duties without interference and should never be identified with their clients or clients' causes.

“The Law Society stands in solidarity with legal professionals around the world. We will continue to fight to ensure the survival of strong, vibrant justice systems everywhere.”

Notes to editors

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About the Law Society

The Law Society is the independent professional body that works globally to support and represent solicitors, promoting the highest professional standards, the public interest and the rule of law.

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