Social mobility ambassadors 2017

16 March 2017

Selection for the 2017 social mobility ambassadors has now ended.

The Law Society has sought 10 solicitor ambassadors from a range of sectors and organisations and across all levels of experience. Through filmed and published interviews, they will share the stories of their legal education and careers, and the hurdles they faced.

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How does this project support social diversity in the legal profession?

  • School talks, career fairs and online support inspires the next generation of solicitors.
  • Booklets featuring photographs and interviews with the ambassadors are distributed at the Law Society's Excellence Awards and at various university and school events
  • Iinterviews with the ambassadors, together with their portraits and biographies, are publicly available on our website.
  • Professionally shot photographs of the ambassadors are displayed at the Excellence Awards.

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What will becoming an ambassador involve?

The ambassadors will share information about their background - specifically the hurdles they faced in pursuing their legal education and career and how they overcame them. They won’t be expected to share more information than they are comfortable with, but what they do share should be authentic and resonate with young people and students from less privileged backgrounds.

They will have to be available for a photography shoot and for a filmed interview. This will take between half a day and a full day in June or July.

We will invite ambassadors to Law Society events relating to social mobility or diversity, either to speak as part of a panel or simply to attend and enjoy the event.

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What are the benefits of being an ambassador?

  • Through sharing their experiences, ambassadors will inspire and advise less privileged young people.
  • They will have the opportunity for their views on fair access and social mobility in the profession to be heard.
  • They will be invited to the launch of the social mobility ambassadors project 2017 at the Law Society's Excellence Awards.

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Eligibility criteria

Applicants must have:

  • attended a non-fee paying school, and
  • been part of the first generation in their immediate family to attend higher education, and
  • faced and overcome socio-economic barriers in pursuit of their legal education and career.

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How to apply

Complete the application form (Word 69kb) and email it to

Applications close at 23:59 on Sunday 14 May 2017.

All information submitted will be strictly confidential.

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