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Be Bold in Your Career – online coaching

Be Bold is a 10-week interactive online coaching programme offering junior lawyers career support.

It runs from 30 September to 2 December 2019 and costs £50 + VAT.

If you’d like to take part, you need to sign up by 23 September.

How Be Bold will help you

Whether you’re looking to progress, feeling unsure or simply trying to stay on track, Be Bold will help you:

  • invest in yourself
  • create a career plan that really works
  • make things happen

We know that many people struggle to make time to focus on their career and professional development. Others lack the confidence or insight to make things happen.

Be Bold’s structure and content will guide you to move things forward and develop an agile approach to your career, so you’re ready for future opportunities.

Be Bold course details

Be Bold runs from 30 September to 2 December 2019. If you’d like to take part, you need to sign up by 23 September.

We estimate you’ll need to spend one to two hours a week on the course, but you can work at your own pace. You’ll have access to the resources for a year.

On Monday 30 September, we’ll email you the ‘introduction week’ course information.

Then every Monday until 2 December, we’ll email you with inspiration and links to the latest content. New content is released every two weeks.

The course includes four webinars where you can meet the course guides – we’ll send calendar appointments for each webinar. It would be great if you could take part in the webinar when it’s scheduled, but it will be available on demand afterwards.

30 September

Introduction Week

  • watch videos introducing your career development guides and how you can maximise your success
  • take part in the first live webinar
  • introduce yourself in the course forum
Live webinar
2 October
1pm to 1.45pm BST
7 October

Session 1: My Story, My Network

  • review your career journey
  • identify highlights/achievements, and what brings you career satisfaction
  • consider how networking can support your career development
21 October

Session 2: Futureproof your Career

  • investigate predicted future workplace trends
  • understand how to build career management skills for ongoing success
  • carry out an online career 'health check'
  • build a positive professional reputation
Live webinar
30 October
1pm to 1.45pm GMT
4 November

Session 3: Moving Forward

  • explore career options
  • clarify your career direction
  • look for 'stretch' opportunities
  • prepare for a range of ‘career conversations’
Live webinar
13 November
1pm to 1.45pm GMT
18 November

Session 4: Ideas into Action

  • create a plan that really works
  • develop ongoing conversations and informational interviewing techniques
2 December

Completion Week

  • reflect on your overall learning
  • identify ways you can sustain and commit to your goals
  • gain CPD certificate
Follow-up live webinar
7 January
1pm to 1.45pm GMT

Be Bold course guides

Meet your course guides:

Rosemary McLean

Valerie Rowles

Mark Anderson


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