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A professional perspective is a powerful advantage

As a legal professional, your working, personal and financial life is complex.

But through many years of experience of advising people like you, Tilney’s experts understand the unique set of challenges that you face and can help you to navigate your finances, helping you to achieve your financial goals and ambitions. 

Just as you have the specialist legal knowledge to help your clients, Tilney has the specialist expertise to help you.

How Tilney can help you

Your priorities and aspirations are likely to change throughout your life and career.

What may seem important one day may not be as much of a priority a few years later. What does not change is the need for trusted expert advice to help you make sound financial decisions, no matter where you are in your life and career. 

Working together with their wider group companies, Tilney can provide all the financial planning, investment solutions and proactive tax support that are essential to the successful planning and management of complex finances.

Here are just some of the areas that Tilney can help you with:

Whether you are established in your legal career or starting to wind down, Tilney's experts can help you with all financial aspects of your retirement planning. They can advise you on:

  • all of the options available to you when it comes to saving into a pension and accruing wealth for your retirement
  • ways to maximise all of your personal pension allowances without breaching them, including the annual allowance and the lifetime allowance
  • accessing your pension when you retire

Find out about Tilney's retirement planning services

Most people want to make sure that their money is given to their loved ones in the most efficient way possible. Passing on your assets effectively requires careful planning during your lifetime.

Tilney’s experts can help with:

Find out more about Tilney’s estate and inheritance tax planning services

Your investments underpin the success of so many of your financial goals. Tilney’s investment professionals can help you meet your investment objectives while taking into account your investment time horizon, attitude to risk and the returns you require. 

  • Have your investments managed by one of their experts to help make sure that your money is working hard
  • Make your own investment decisions with help from an investment adviser
  • Choose and manage your own investments through Bestinvest, Tilney’s wider group companies

Find out more about how Tilney can help you with your investments

Speak to Tilney

If you have any questions in relation to your finances, Tilney can help.

To arrange a free consultation, contact them on 020 3131 6178, book online to arrange a phone or video appointment, or visit Tilney's website.


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Useful guides and videos

Tilney has a range of guides and videos to help you with your financial plans.
Click on the below links to find the information you need on subjects including retirement planning, inheritance tax, the pension annual allowance and more.

Planning for retirement

“Can I afford to retire?” is a burning question for many people, yet the answer can be difficult to discern.

This guide discusses how much money you might need to fund your retirement, how to save effectively for your future and considers the option of retiring gradually while still taking an income.

Estate planning

If you’re thinking about estate planning, this guide is for you. It looks at the various different options you have available for passing on your money, outlines how to find out how much you can afford to give away during your lifetime and discusses using your Inheritance tax allowances effectively.

Inheritance tax

The two certainties in life are death and taxes, but with careful planning it is possible to minimise the tax liability that you could leave behind when you die.

This guide outlines how to can see if you are likely to leave behind an Inheritance Tax bill and how to manage and potentially reduce it.

The pension annual allowance

Find out what the allowance is, how it works, how to make the most of it and what to do if you are close to or have breached the allowance.

It’s not ‘just’ about money

Planning means taking control of your future – watch this video to find out more about the psychology of saving for the future and what planning actually means.

Passing on your money – what makes us procrastinate?

In this video, discover why so many people put off estate planning and what the potential implications are for any delays.

Now is the time to talk

To find out how Tilney could help you, book an initial, free-of-charge consultation. They can answer any questions that you may have and see if you would benefit from their advice.

You can call 020 3131 6178 to arrange a phone or video appointment, book an appointment online or visit the Tilney website.


The value of investments can go down as well as up and you may not get back the amount invested. Prevailing tax rates and reliefs depend upon individual circumstances and are subject to change.

Issued by Tilney Financial Planning Limited and Tilney Investment Management Services Limited. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Advice in relation to trusts and inheritance tax planning is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, however, the products used in relation to trusts and to mitigate tax may be regulated.

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