Wesleyan Bank – practising certificate fee spread payment facility

Funding your SRA fees and practising certificates

Wesleyan Bank logoWesleyan Bank’s spread payment facility lets you spread the cost of your practising certificate (PC) and regulatory fees over 10 equal monthly instalments. The funds are paid directly to the SRA.

This facility is only open during the SRA’s PC renewal window, from Tuesday 1 October until the SRA close the programme.

Wesleyan Bank’s application portal to spread the cost of your regulatory fees is currently closed. Any fees still to be paid should be made in full to the SRA.

A step-by-step guide on how to apply

  • go to MySRA and make a note of your invoice number and the amount due
  • select the 'bill me' payment option when completing your SRA submission
  • selecting the ‘bill me’ option will bring you to this page, where you should follow the link to Wesleyan Bank's spread payment facility portal
  • get an instant quote and apply using the invoice details you noted down from MySRA
  • the funds will be paid directly to the SRA

Wesleyan Bank do not guarantee to accept all applications. In the unlikely event yours is declined, you’ll need to pay the SRA in full by the deadline.

If you’d like to use this facility, please apply as soon as possible after Tuesday 1 October and remember to include your invoice number on your application. Payment will be made by BACS once your application has been approved.