Our plans for next year

We stand up for and alongside solicitors. Your opinion matters to us – we recently held a consultation with members to help shape the work we carry out on your behalf. The results of the consultation will be shared here in due course.



We’ve been busy developing plans for the coming year and we now wish to consult more widely with you, our members, to ensure our proposals are relevant to your needs.


2020 was a challenging year

Our plans have been developed in a challenging environment. As well as prioritising our members and other stakeholders, we’ve also taken into consideration the ongoing implications of the pandemic, Brexit negotiations, and technology.

Despite these challenges, in the last year our staff have worked hard to:

  • promote the solicitor profession in England, Wales and across the world
  • increase our impact with politicians, parliamentarians and other influential groups
  • expand our offer to members in the form of advice, guidance and support
  • improve operational efficiency and resilience during the pandemic with significant IT advancements

To find out more about what we achieved last year with your help, read our 2020 business review.

We’re now planning for the year ahead

Our plans for the coming year focus on delivering value for members within six strategic theme areas.

By focusing our activities in this way, we ensure our work is as efficient, effective and impactful as possible.

How is our work funded?

As members of the Law Society, you fund part of our work and the services we provide for you through your practising certificate (PC) fee.

The fee is collected by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), and split between various organisations. The Law Society proportion of the fee has tended to be about 31% of the total funds collected (£71.60 in 2020).

The PC fee has been held at £278 for the last four years. This year, we reduced the amount we received from you through the PC fee by a total of £3 million in recognition of the challenges faced by members during the pandemic.

Given the ongoing uncertainty, we propose to maintain our proportion of the PC fee at the same level for the year ahead.

Find out more about what your PC fee funds

Your opinion matters to us

Members talking at Law Society event

We are working hard to be a modern, professional membership organisation, and recognise there is much more for us to do.

In May/June we ran a consultation with members, asking for your views on how we propose to use the funds we receive from your PC fee next year. We also asked whether you feel the benefits and services we provide represent value for money.

A summary of the consultation findings will be shared on this page at a later date.

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