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5 ways we work to help you

In 2017 we asked you how we could improve our communication about the services we provide for you. Thanks to your feedback, we've fully revised your 2018 member handbook to clearly show what we offer to new and existing members. 

As your professional body we promote the profession, influence for impact, support practice excellence, are your career companion and keep you updated.

Learn how we promote the profession

We raise the profile of the profession:

The member handbook also includes our international and regional support, our work in the City and how we facilitate your involvement in pro bono initiatives.

Amanda McIntyre-Brown, Senior Associate at HRJ Foreman Laws is proud of being a member:

Whenever I go to the Law Society, it gives me a feeling of pride to be involved with such an honourable profession. I like being part of such a big organisation that gives you the ability to be heard and always gives you the opportunity to provide your thoughts and feedback.

Read about our influencing work

As the voice of the profession, we represent solicitors in Westminster, Cardiff, Brussels, and with other governments across the world. We work for law reform in the interest of the profession and the public by influencing government, regulators and those who shape the law and legal market.

On access to justice, our campaigns have received wide traction across all parties, particularly our legal aid deserts campaign (which has been publicly praised by the shadow lord chancellor) and our early advice campaign.

We encourage our members to participate in our policy influencing campaigns – adding your voice is crucial to their success.

We are also being recognised as a thought leader on legal technology. The House of Lords select committee on artificial intelligence (AI) quoted our evidence in its report and took on board several of our recommendations on the legal implications on the use of AI.

Amanda Adeola, Associate at BHP Law shares her views on our influencing work:

For me it's important to know that you're a member of a collective that you know will speak for you and help defend your profession. The Law Society tries to put across their members' views.

Understand how we support practice excellence

Laura Uberoi, Associate Solicitor at Farrer & Co LLP finds our services helpful:

I find the library really useful. They can find absolutely anything you need and it is one of my first ports of call. It provides an incredible service and they really have their finger on the pulse, too. If there's an issue you need to know about, you can guarantee the Law Society has a practice note on it.

We give you training, legal education and business support to help you stay on top of changing regulatory requirements and improve your practice - whether you work independently, in-house or as part of a firm. Resources include accreditations, helplines staffed by solicitors, library services and practice notes.

Explore how we help you in your career

Joshua Ryan, trainee solicitor at Hodge, Jones & Allan says we helped him with his career:

In 2016, I attended the London Law Fair whilst searching for a training contract. The fair really helped me find where I wanted to go in my career and my current role with HJA stemmed directly from it.

We give you ways to plan for and take your next career step, by offering help and support through a host of events, e-learning and support for career development. Resources include our career development services, communities, diversity and inclusion team, events, and Gazette Jobs vacancies.

Discover how we keep you up to date

Pardeep Bancil, Solicitor at Dexter Montague finds our courses helpful:

There are a great range on offer and they have really helped me to keep up-to-date with current changes in my area of practice. The Law Society's courses are well run and always feature high-quality and charismatic speakers. I'd encourage members to dive into the resources that the Society has to offer.

We work at the forefront of the legal sector and keep you up to date by bringing you the latest news, information and research from the profession. Our research provides expert insights, informing the work of our boards and committees and helping us to lobby the issues that are important to you. The Law Society Gazette, our range of newsletters, and other research and insights are just some of the ways we're keeping you to date.

We welcome your thoughts on the new member handbook and the benefits of being a Law Society member.


Download the new member handbook (PDF 4mb)

Explore membership benefits

Discover our Technology and Law Policy Commission looking at algorithms in the justice system

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