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Here are all the posts from July 2017.


Keep your papers under wraps for GDPR compliance

31 July 2017

Under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), aggrieved data subjects can sue firms for failing to secure their personal data properly. New statistics from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) showed that there was a 173% increase in data security incidents in the legal sector in Q4 2017 compared with the previous quarter.

Get the best from your professional indemnity insurance renewal in 5 steps

26 July 2017

Solicitors' professional indemnity insurance (PII) is one of the top three overheads for most law firms. We've put together this guide with some tips on how to prepare for your renewal to give you the confidence that you have got the best terms for your business.

Parliament in recess until September

25 July 2017

Both houses of parliament are now in recess on Thursday. They will return on Tuesday 5 September.

Growing your client base: content is king

18 July 2017

Alex Heshmaty, legal writer, explains what content marketing is, and how law firms can use it to grow their client base and build a rapport

#Collaboration for CoLin: online courts hackathon for Law Society and Wavelength Law

17 July 2017

This packed out room was the start of a 24 hour sprint, trying to find an innovative, tech based solution to many of the challenges faced when trying to modernise our courts system and increase access to justice. 

Repeal Bill and Taylor Review published last week

17 July 2017

This week both houses will rise for summer recess. They will return on Tuesday 5 September until 14 September, when recess for party conferences season starts.

Give to receive: how to assign legal work

11 July 2017

If lawyers assign legal work and the results don’t meet their expectations, they often blame the people they assigned it to. But, says Gary Richards, the issue often lies with how the work was assigned: the initial conversation and the process following it.

Repeal Bill to be introduced to parliament this week

10 July 2017

The Taylor review on modern employment practices will be published on Tuesday. The Law Society contributed to the review with a set of recommendations to ensure that employment law help create better workplaces. The Prime Minister is expected to give a speech.

Debates and vote on the Queen's Speech

04 July 2017

This week there will be a number of debates on Brexit, particularly in the House of Lords, with a focus on acquired rights and consumer protection rights.

Pride in your law firm, pride in yourself

04 July 2017

In many countries you can be punished by the state, persecuted and even killed just for being LGBT or celebrating LGBT identities. Trans people do not have access to life changing healthcare and are discriminated against under law.

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