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Welcome to the Law Society blog, where you will find updates from our president and our CEO, plus pieces that showcase work from around the organisation to highlight the expertise of our staff and wider network.

Latest posts

Why do we need public legal education?

11 February 2020

Our head of justice Richard Miller explains how the rule of law benefits us and that judges are not the enemy of the people, in a blog for Justice Week Monday 24 to Friday 28 February 2020.

Westminster weekly update: Release under investigation debated

10 February 2020

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

Cakes for a cause – raising dough for access to justice

05 February 2020

Rosa Coleman is a marketing and development officer at the charity London Legal Support Trust and shares how access to justice and legal aid is under threat, and what you can do to help.

Three steps to a productive start to 2020

28 January 2020

Eloise Skinner, solicitor and author of the Junior Lawyers' Handbook, shares tips to start your year off productively.

Westminster weekly update: Withdrawal Agreement secures Royal Assent

27 January 2020

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

Westminster weekly update: Lord chancellor faces questions in the Commons

20 January 2020

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act 1919, where are we now

20 January 2020

Coral Hill is Associate Professor at The University of Law and a non-practising solicitor. She reviews The Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act 1919 and where the profession is now.

New year, new career? Your guide to finding your dream legal job in 2020

14 January 2020

Law Gazette Jobs, the legal careers portal from the Law Gazette newspaper, asks is 2020 the year you want to move from associate to senior associate, or change career direction? 

Westminster weekly update: Parliament resumes

13 January 2020

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

Westminster weekly update: New government unveils programme

23 December 2019

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

No gavels please we’re British: Six legal Americanisms that are meaningless in England & Wales

09 December 2019

Californian Graduate Diploma in Law student Elijah Granet discusses unwanted and misunderstood legal American terms.

Deepfakes: Will we ever re-establish our trust in videos?

03 December 2019

Paris Theodorou is a solicitor at Saunders Law. Abigail Bright is a barrister at Doughty Street Chambers.

Westminster weekly update: Election manifesto special

02 December 2019

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

All change please

25 November 2019

The authors of the Solicitor's Handbook 2019 discuss the major changes coming for solicitors against a background of uncertainty. 

How can we start increasing patient autonomy and independence under the Mental Health Act?

19 November 2019

Michael Henson-Webb is a solicitor and head of the Legal Team at Mind, the mental health charity. He discusses the limitations of the Mental Health Act.

Getting your risk assessment in order

12 November 2019

Pearl Moses, Law Society head of Risk and Compliance, shares how to make sure you’re prepared with your risk assessment.

Westminster weekly update: Home Office announce RUI review

11 November 2019

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

Westminster weekly update: General election to be held on 12 December

04 November 2019

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

The lawyer will see you now: the GP pro bono clinic

04 November 2019

June Venters was admitted to the roll of solicitors in 1984, appointed QC in 2006 and the first woman solicitor to take Silk, and called to the Bar in 2017.

Hidden extras - a first-hand account of secondary traumatic stress

30 October 2019

Warning: this blog contains disturbing and graphic content about paedophilia and child abuse.

Westminster weekly update: MPs support 2nd reading of Brexit deal

28 October 2019

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

6 tips to keep legal fees proportionate for the privately paying client

23 October 2019

Rita Gupta, Director of Leiper Gupta Family Lawyers (LGFL Ltd), accredited Family Law member, and a member of Resolution, shares her advice for legal professionals on privately paying clients.

Westminster weekly update: Withdrawal agreement reached between UK and EU

18 October 2019

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

Westminster weekly update: Richard Miller gives evidence to the Public Accounts Committee

14 October 2019

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

Westminster weekly update: Law Society mentioned in MoJ spending debate

07 October 2019

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

We need to open up to each other to save lives

07 October 2019

Elizabeth Rimmer, CEO of LawCare, discusses the suicide prevention focus of this year’s World Mental Health Day and signs to look out for in your colleagues.

What is the point of Black History Month?

03 October 2019

Jerry Garvey, Law Society diversity and inclusion adviser, asks the hard question.

The role of justice in unlocking economic growth

30 September 2019

William McSweeney is the Law Society’s technology and law policy adviser, working on the impact of key emerging technologies on the law.

Westminster weekly update: Prorogation void, parliament return

30 September 2019

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

The ‘revival’ of competition law in the age of Big Tech

24 September 2019

LLM student Sachin Nair, specialising in competition law, discusses the relationship between competition law and the emergence of Big Tech, and how this has led to a “revival” of this area of law in terms of its underlying policy goals. 

The Register our Marriage campaign is pioneering for equality for unregistered faith marriages

17 September 2019

Siddique Patel, solicitor at Shoosmiths specialising in Islamic family law, discusses a campaign for equality for faith marriages.

Westminster weekly update: Prorogation begins, but ruled 'unlawful'

16 September 2019

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

5 ways to get your team to actually use your shiny legal tech

10 September 2019

Richard Mabey, CEO & co-founder of Juro (contract management software for teams) shares his experience working with customers on getting the most out of your legal tech software.

New frontiers in lawtech innovation and data protection

03 September 2019

"However fast regulation moves, technology moves faster."- Elizabeth Denham, Information Commissioner

Women in career transition: Your first 100 days and beyond

28 August 2019

Nikki Alderson, former criminal barrister and now corporate and executive coach, provides advice on how to advance. 

How to communicate with autistic people at work

21 August 2019

Simon Day is a copywriter and blogger who specialises in writing about health and safety and autism. He recently discovered he has autism.

How the Home Office is failing LGBT+ applicants

08 August 2019

This article was sourced by Tom Chapman at CandidSky, a marketing agency in Manchester that works with law firms in the UK.

The legal future of accessible aviation for all

05 August 2019

Mary Doyle, founder of Rocket Girl Coaching, and an accessible aviation consultant, trainer, and writer, discusses flying as a wheelchair user and what is required.

Westminster weekly update: New consultation on laws to protect the armed forces

29 July 2019

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

Justice - a train ride too far? The (not so) hidden cost of court reform

29 July 2019

Sue James, solicitor at Hammersmith and Fulham Law Centre and a specialist in housing law, dissects some of the key concerns surrounding the court reform programme including court closures, tech issues and funding.

We must do more to prevent women being 'lost to the law'

24 July 2019

Linden Thomas, President of Birmingham Law Society, discusses three new initiatives to address gender inequality at the most senior levels of the law.

Westminster weekly update: Online Courts Bill debated by MPs

22 July 2019

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

Four lessons England and Wales can learn from other jurisdictions

16 July 2019

Californian Graduate Diploma in Law student Elijah Granet discusses how he’d innovate our legal system.

Westminster weekly update: Legal aid deserts covered in PMQs

15 July 2019

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

The catch-22 of lasting powers of attorney

10 July 2019

Jane Cassell of JC Independent Wills & Probate Ltd, wills solicitor, discusses lasting powers of attorney (LPAs).

Westminster weekly update: Law Society gives evidence on no fault divorce

08 July 2019

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

Westminster weekly update: Law Society gives evidence to MPs on trade in services

01 July 2019

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

Festivals, false advertising and the rise of social media influencers

01 July 2019

Trainee solicitor Hilda-Georgina Kwafo-Akoto discusses the role influencer marketing played in the promotion of Fyre Festival.

Westminster weekly update: MPs show their support for legal aid deserts campaign

24 June 2019

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

Grenfell two years on – the public inquiry into a preventable disaster

20 June 2019

Remy Mohamed is a solicitor and the Grenfell project coordinator. Two years have passed since the Grenfell Tower Fire on 14 June 2017 that resulted in the loss of 72 lives and made hundreds homeless.  

Westminster weekly update: Boris Johnson tops first Conservative leadership ballot

17 June 2019

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

Smile you’re on camera – the pros and cons of facial recognition technology

17 June 2019

William McSweeney is the Law Society’s technology and law policy adviser, working on the impact of key emerging technologies on the law.

Westminster weekly update: Lord chancellor announces £2 million boost for UK lawtech

10 June 2019

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

Our one-year mission: The Law Society Commission on the use of algorithms in the justice system

04 June 2019

Christina Blacklaws is the president of the Law Society and chairs the Technology & Law Commission alongside co-commissioners Professor Sofia Olhede and Professor Sylvie Delacroix.

7 reasons why Cartridges Law were at Exeter Pride in 2019 for the 11th year running

03 June 2019

Bridget Garrood is a consultant solicitor at Cartridges Law, and  a member of  The Law Society's LGBT+ Lawyers Division.

#MeToo in the legal profession

29 May 2019

We have spoken to a contributor to our Women in Leadership in Law report, who has outlined her experiences of sexual harassment in her career as a solicitor. She wishes to remain anonymous.

Westminster weekly update: Law Society gives evidence on court and tribunal reforms

28 May 2019

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

Westminster weekly update: Online Courts Bill debated for the first time

20 May 2019

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

All by myself: how I came to be a sole counsel

20 May 2019

Bhavisha Mistry is general counsel at Mawdsleys and vice-chair of the Law Society’s In-house Division. 

Surviving or thriving? Researching wellbeing and mental health in the legal profession

13 May 2019

Richard Collier is a Professor of Law at Newcastle University and has recently received funding from the Leverhulme Trust and Anxiety UK to research wellbeing in the legal profession. 

Westminster weekly update: Ministry of Justice reshuffle

13 May 2019

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

Thinking ahead? Only if you can still think

08 May 2019

Floyd  Porter is a Chartered Legal Executive, a salaried partner and joint head of the  mental health and capacity department at Miles & Partners. He shares his  thoughts on mental capacity issues. 

Westminster weekly update: Prime minister appears before senior backbenchers

07 May 2019

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

The Law Society Excellence Awards: How to receive the recognition you deserve

29 April 2019

One of the UK's youngest managing partners, Vidisha Joshi of Hodge Jones & Allen Solicitors, shares her experience of the Excellence Awards and offers insider tips on how to make your entry stand out.

Westminster weekly update: Legal aid deserts campaign launched

29 April 2019

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

Walk for justice: Caring about access to justice in a time of cuts

24 April 2019

Rosa Coleman is a marketing and development officer at the charity London Legal Support Trust and blogs about how access to justice and legal aid is under threat, and what you can do to help.

Talent knows no borders: A day in the life of a business immigration solicitor

16 April 2019

Anne Morris, managing director of DavidsonMorris, explains that a day in the life of an immigration solicitor has changed somewhat since the June 2016 referendum result.

Westminster weekly update: MPs debate legal aid for inquests

15 April 2019

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

The devil’s in the lack of detail – the new SRA rulebook

10 April 2019

Jonathon Bray provides a personal perspective on the SRA’s new rulebook, and the complexity it could create in the profession.

Westminster weekly update: Lord chancellor quizzed by Justice Committee on LASPO

08 April 2019

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

Is it still worth it in 2019? Legal aid solicitor qualified in 2018

04 April 2019

Lucy Parker is a solicitor at Ramsdens Solicitors LLP who qualified in 2018 as a legal aid solicitor and blogged for us. Now she is looking back over the last twelve months and considers some of the important lessons.

Westminster weekly update: Fixed recoverable costs consultation launched

01 April 2019

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

Trauma exposure in law: what you need to know and do

27 March 2019

Caroline Marlow, psychologist, explains that if you work in child protection, criminal, family, human rights, or immigration law, you will probably be regularly exposed to the trauma of others. 

Westminster weekly update: Committee publishes report on leasehold reform

25 March 2019

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

Unsocial media: taking on the tech giants

20 March 2019

Ravi Naik and Shirin Marker from ITN Solicitors discuss your rights to your data and what to be aware of if considering how to bring a case against a tech giant.

Westminster weekly update: Parliament votes against a no deal and for an Article 50 extension

18 March 2019

Your weekly update from the Law Society’s public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

10 factors to consider before procuring legal AI

14 March 2019

The recent surge in machine learning popularity, largely driven by the success of deep learning since around 2010, has provided much excitement around the possible applications for law firms, explains Rafie, CEO and Co-founder of Genie AI, a machine learning startup. 

Reflections on 100 years of progress for International Women's Day

06 March 2019

Our president Christina blogs that International Women's Day is a chance to celebrate and remember the pioneers who have gone before us, and to take stock of all that has been achieved. 

Is your firm attractive for junior lawyers?

27 February 2019

Trainee solicitor Hilda-Georgina, blogging for The Lawyer Portal, explains that a common thread uniting graduates contemplating a legal career, trainee solicitors, and recently qualified associates (2-3 years PQE), is the desire to work in an environment where employees are made to feel valued.

Flying solo: what happens as retirement looms?

20 February 2019

For 30 years I practised as a sole practitioner in North Shields in north east England, my partners having long since retired. When I reached my late 50s, my thoughts turned to my retirement.

Westminster weekly update: Prime minister's Brexit motion defeated

18 February 2019

Your weekly update from the Law Society's public affairs team on all the latest developments and debates in Parliament and across Whitehall.

We all need allies

12 February 2019

As with many good things in life, the London Bisexual Network (LBN) started over a bottle of wine in a noisy City bar, explains Max Rossiter, trainee solicitor.

Westminster weekly update: Five things you need to know

11 February 2019

Over the next few weeks we will be trialing a new format for our weekly parliamentary report.

All change – the new SRA Standards and Regulations

06 February 2019

Regulation & compliance expert Tracey Calvert of Oakalls Consultancy explains the major changes that will be introduced. We are now on the countdown to the end of the SRA Handbook and the beginning of the era of the SRA Standards and Regulations. 

Westminster weekly update: Commons votes on amendments to Brexit motion

04 February 2019

On Tuesday, the Commons voted on a series of amendments to the prime minister's motion on Brexit.

The nine year old girl who got nothing

30 January 2019

Once upon a time, I was a little girl. My parents divorced, and both my Mum and my Dad remarried. A year after my Mum remarried, she died, which was not the plan at all.

Westminster weekly update: Prime minister makes statement to the commons

28 January 2019

Last Monday the prime minister made a statement to the Commons, setting out her intention for proceeding with the Brexit process.

Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) dilemma

22 January 2019

Legal firms are facing a Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) dilemma as the insurance market shifts quickly towards hardening conditions not experienced for many years.

Westminster weekly update: Government loses on Withdrawal Agreement but wins confidence vote

21 January 2019

On Tuesday the government's Brexit withdrawal agreement was rejected in Parliament by a margin of 230 votes - the largest defeat ever suffered by a sitting government.

Making a career in law work: priorities and planning

16 January 2019

When did you last look at where you want to be in 20 years' time or make a serious, detailed plan for your career progression over the coming months and years? 

Westminster weekly update: Big wins for the Law Society as Parliament rises for Christmas

21 December 2018

This week saw a win for the Law Society on the Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill.

‘Ona Kan O Woja’ - not only one route leads to the market: my path into law

17 December 2018

I was born and raised in Nigeria, West Africa, and for as long as I can remember I wanted to be a lawyer.

Westminster weekly update: Courts and Tribunals Bill progresses while meaningful vote postponed

17 December 2018

The Courts and Tribunals (Judiciary and Functions of Staff) Bill completed its passage through the House of Commons after concluding its remaining stages last week.

Will data + algorithms change what we can expect from law (and lawyers)?

12 December 2018

When, if at all, might computers replace humans and in what capacities? And how can we grasp the reach and depth of the transformations that are already well underway?

Westminster weekly update: Government found in contempt ahead of key Brexit vote

07 December 2018

Last week the Law Society’s Head of Justice, Richard Miller, gave oral evidence to the Women and Equalities Select Committee for its inquiry on enforcing the Equality Act.

Diversity is better for business

04 December 2018

There are many reasons why we as a profession need to get better at accommodating people with disabilities. 

Westminster weekly update: Secretary of State backs Global Legal Centre campaign

30 November 2018

On Monday the Secretary of State for International Development, Penny Mordaunt MP, backed our global legal centre campaign, which promotes the benefits of English law, courts and legal profession.

A stitch in time saves nine: support our early advice campaign

28 November 2018

Everyone knows that if you catch a problem early, you're more likely to stop it getting worse. The same is true for legal problems - most of the time, these are easier, and cheaper, to address early on.

Westminster weekly update: Government publishes Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration

23 November 2018

Last week the Government published the draft Withdrawal Agreement, reflecting the in-principle agreement between the UK and EU negotiating teams on the full legal text.

Making price and service transparency work

20 November 2018

Most solicitors will be aware of the SRA Transparency Rules being introduced this December. It's an open secret that this move has been unpopular with the profession.

Immigration enforcement failings: Time to get the Home Office house in order

12 November 2018

I am an immigration solicitor and read with interest the October press release with Christina Blacklaws highlighting procedural and cultural problems at the UK Home Office.

Westminster weekly update: Parliament debates legal aid

09 November 2018

The Law Society was referenced extensively in a Westminster Hall debate on the future of legal aid on Thursday last week.

The opaque rules of price transparency

05 November 2018

I practice immigration, my clients include companies and individuals. I am a sole practitioner with two employees and one simple functional website that I do not rely on for marketing my firm.

Westminster weekly update: Justice Week and the Budget

02 November 2018

In Parliament, the week has been dominated by the Budget. For justice however, the main highlight was the announcement of £21.5m extra funding for the 'wider justice system'.

Justice isn't being served

29 October 2018

As lawyers, we are really good at talking about "access to justice". I have used that phrase countless times over the past few years.

Westminster weekly update: Finance Bill Sub-Committee and the Courts and Tribunals Bill

25 October 2018

The government is currently considering the evidence submitted as part of its review of the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012, which provides an important opportunity to bring back legal aid for early advice.

Pro bono – good for the community, good for lawyers too

22 October 2018

What is pro bono work? It is free legal advice or help provided by lawyers to the public. Lawyers have always done pro bono work. 

Can algorithms ever be fair?

17 October 2018

Algorithms and data are increasingly influencing the justice system. Professor Sofia Olhede and Dr Patrick Wolf explain the basics all lawyers should understand. 

Westminster weekly update: No deal technical notices and justice oral questions

16 October 2018

Last week, the government published a further 28 Brexit no deal technical notices on professional services, which includes contingency plans for EU lawyers practising in the UK.

It’s good to talk

09 October 2018

It all began for me at university. Up to that date, my life had essentially been one of carefree fun, with little or no real responsibility. 

Westminster weekly update: Parliament returns from conferences to justice questions and Counter-Terrorism Bill

08 October 2018

Parliament returns from its conference recess this week, and justice-related issues will take centre-stage as the Lord Chancellor and his ministerial team face questions in the House of Commons on Tuesday morning.

Westminster weekly update: Liberal Democrat and Labour Conferences

02 October 2018

Party Conference season is well underway, with the Liberal Democrat and Labour Conferences taking place over the last two weeks, and the Conservative Conference currently happening in Birmingham.

Black History Month 2018: celebrating diversity in our profession

01 October 2018

This year marks the 9th year in which the Law Society is celebrating Black History Month. It's particularly heartening to see the number of Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) solicitors has continued to increase.

Supporting you remotely: Tips on how to make the most of your Law Society membership

24 September 2018

We are based in Chancery Lane and in Cardiff. Whether you are in a high street practice in York, a commercial firm in Derby, in-house in Cardiff, or elsewhere in England and Wales, as your professional body, we exist for you.

Westminster weekly update: Summer return and conference season begins

20 September 2018

MPs and Peers returned from summer recess for two weeks, before breaking up for the Party Conference season.

What’s the point in a law degree?

18 September 2018

Any law undergraduates and graduates past and present will corroborate that when the subject of their degree is revealed, to those who were previously unaware, they often receive the same response.

GDPR: how we support our members

11 September 2018

You may be breathing a sigh of relief – the 25 May 2018 deadline has passed and you can now put GDPR on the back burner and get on with some ‘proper’ work. But, can you?

8 tips to market yourself indirectly

04 September 2018

One letter out of place on a contract or deal could spell disaster and damage your reputation. A lawyer's life is full of pressure: to keep up with changes in the law, to be completely accurate, to bring in more business.

‘Young’ vs ‘junior’ lawyers

28 August 2018

Is using 'young' and 'junior' lawyer interchangeably in the workplace adding to the issues facing junior lawyers?

Why field research is critical to your next career move

23 August 2018

When you are considering a career move of any kind, one of the most effective activities is to get out in the field, talk to a range of people and gather information from them.

A day in the life of a west country private client solicitor

15 August 2018

While you are sitting on the hot tube, train or bus hoping not to be delayed on your daily commute, think of me in south-east Cornwall on my trip into the office over the border to Devon.

5 ways we work to help you

06 August 2018

In 2017 we asked you how we could improve our communication about the services we provide for you. Thanks to your feedback, we've fully revised your 2018 member handbook to clearly show what we offer to new and existing members. 

Westminster weekly update: Government publish White Paper on EU Withdrawal Agreement

01 August 2018

Last week, a significant Brexit milestone was reached as the government published the White Paper on how they propose to legislate for and implement the Withdrawal Agreement between the UK and the EU.

6 reasons to invite lawyers to your party

30 July 2018

Way back in the winter of 2015, before the world went mad, it was put to the public that lawyers are boring party guests. Here, I counter that suggestion.

Westminster weekly update: Law Society's access to justice campaigns and Brexit work

26 July 2018

In this bumper edition of the Parliamentary report you can find updates on the Law Society's access to justice campaigns and Brexit work from the last two weeks.

The destination is qualification

24 July 2018

I am in my thirties, the proud owner of a mortgage, and as much as I hate to admit it, it has taken  me far too long to qualify. 

Are you in a holding pattern with your career?

17 July 2018

Is hitting a plateau in your career a cause for complaint or complacency? It could be a reason for celebration.

Westminster weekly update: Treasury Sub-Committee take evidence on the conduct of tax enquiries

12 July 2018

The start of the parliamentary week had the Treasury Sub-Committee scheduled to take evidence on the conduct of tax enquiries and resolution of tax disputes with representations being made by Reed Smith LLP and Capital Law.

Stop saying yes, start saying no

10 July 2018

After 16 years of practice, I refused to take a brief for the very first time.

Westminster weekly update: Richard Atkinson gives evidence on the Counter Terrorism and Border Security Bill

05 July 2018

Last week, Richard Atkinson, Co-Chair of the Law Society’s Criminal Law Committee, gave evidence on the Counter Terrorism and Border Security Bill and set out our concerns around access to a lawyer and new powers to seize privileged material.

Alphabet soup: How to refer to my LGBTTQI+ colleague

02 July 2018

The alphabet soup LGBTTQI+ of sexual orientation and gender identity only gets larger. Referring to someone who is not straight or cisgender may be a challenge to a lot of people. 

Westminster weekly update: Civil Liability Bill goes through third reading in House of Lords

28 June 2018

In Parliament, the EU Withdrawal Bill received royal assent this week. The Civil Liability Bill will undergo its third reading in the House of Lords.

Is employee resilience training needed in the workplace?

27 June 2018

Is employee resilience training a distraction that sustains a poor work culture?

Stud relief: a day in the life of a judge

21 June 2018

My advice is borne of experience – I went through the application process three times before I was successful.

Westminster weekly update: EU Withdrawal Bill returns to the House of Lords

20 June 2018

In Parliament, the EU Withdrawal Bill returns to the House of Lords after the amendments were voted on in the Commons last week. The EU Justice Sub-Committee will also hear evidence on Brexit and citizen’s rights, and the Courts and Tribunals Bill is scheduled to have its second reading.

Westminster weekly update: Law Society’s Executive Director of External Affairs gives evidence to the Lord Liaison Committee

14 June 2018

Yesterday in the House of Lords, the Law Society’s Executive Director of External Affairs, Robert Khan, gave oral evidence to the Lord Liaison Committee’s review of Lords’ committees and made important points on pre and post legislative scrutiny and the role of the committees in examining secondary legislation post Brexit.

Legal tech in 2018: threats and opportunities

13 June 2018

The traditionally cautious legal sector was a relatively late adopter of technology, but this is changing.

Building a new website – it is all about the user

07 June 2018

We're developing a new website. Many members will work in firms that are undergoing similar digital transformations, from outdated to stand alone legacy systems, to integrated technologies that are faster, more secure, as accessible as possible, and can be used on mobile devices. 

Westminster weekly update: Courts Bill introduced and evidence to Justice Committee

30 May 2018

Parliament is in recess this week and both Houses will return on 4 June. On their return, both the Home Secretary and the Justice Secretary are scheduled to face questions from MPs on immigration and access to justice respectively.

8 top tips for success in your training contract

29 May 2018

So, you've been through the recruitment process and been offered a training contract? Congratulations – it's a milestone achievement!

Westminster weekly update: Our Head of Justice gives evidence to the Justice Select Committee

23 May 2018

This week in the House of Commons, Richard Miller, Head of Justice, Law Society will give evidence to the Justice Select Committee on criminal legal aid.

Westminster update: Lord Chancellor questioned by Constitution Committee

16 May 2018

This week in the House of Lords, Dr Helena Raulus, Head of the UK Law Societies' Joint Brussels Office will give evidence to the EU Justice Sub-Committee on Brexit and civil justice co-operation. 

5 tips on writing tiptop newsletters

14 May 2018

Every email an organisation sends competes with around 120 others that the average office worker receives every day. 

Westminster update: Law Society President gives evidence on disclosure

10 May 2018

This week in the House of Lords, the Lord Chancellor will appear in front of the Constitution Committee and Dr Anna Bradshaw, Member of the Law Society's EU Committee, will give evidence to the EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee on the proposed UK-EU security treaty.

All change, all aboard the new Gazette

09 May 2018

When the Law Society Gazette marked its centenary in 2003, my predecessor wrote that there was little in the 21st-century magazine that the solicitor of 1903 would recognise - and much that would have horrified him. 

Is it worth it? Trainee legal aid solicitor qualified in 2018

02 May 2018

I had decided, from quite a young age, that I would like to be a solicitor. I saw it as a well-respected profession and felt that the role comprised a set of skills that would stay with me throughout my working life.

Westminster update: Justice oral questions, Brexit and the Civil Liability Bill

02 May 2018

This week Law Society president Joe Egan gave evidence to the Justice Select Committee on disclosures of evidence in criminal cases. 

Westminster update: Criminal duty solicitors, AI and Brexit

24 April 2018

Last week we published new data which shows a looming crisis in the numbers of criminal duty solicitors, which could leave many individuals unable to access their right to a solicitor and free advice. 

5 proven ways to increase the power of your cybersecurity training

23 April 2018

With each new people-triggered cyber-attack, the human aspect of cybersecurity  receives more attention. The cybersecurity industry is beginning to demand an evolution in cybersecurity training. 

5 writing habits every lawyer needs

18 April 2018

"…composing documents or legal arguments well is a real art, and even to the good experienced drafter it is never easy." Lord Neuberger

5 steps to reduce unconscious bias in your workplace

09 April 2018

Unconscious bias is a reality in our lives, in our culture, and in the workplace. And now it's becoming codified in artificial intelligence (AI).

Russia, court closures, legal aid, access to justice

05 April 2018

Parliament is on recess for two weeks. Both the House of Commons and Lords return on 16 April.

Springing forward to summer - Tips for remaining resilient in tough times

03 April 2018

Robert Schuller is often quoted with the words "Tough times don't last, tough people do."

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, legal aid, access to justice

26 March 2018

There is another busy week ahead in Parliament this week for justice issues. The Law Society's chair of Employment Law Committee Max Winthrop will be giving evidence to the Women and Equalities Committee on Wednesday on its inquiry on sexual harassment.

Failing to plan is planning to fail: 5 steps for successful legal firm succession planning

26 March 2018

Legal practices of all sizes face a constant battle to retain and develop talent. Steve Deutsch, chief executive of Wesleyan Bank, outlines five key steps that law firms must take to achieve successful succession planning. 

Time for a Welsh jurisdiction?

21 March 2018

Lord Justice Lloyd-Jones, Supreme Court justice and Welshman, recently said that radical steps are essential to deal with the growing inaccessibility of the law in Wales due to the growing divergence between English and Welsh legislation.He's called for 'prompt action'. How did we get here?

SQE, data protection and the Spring Statement

20 March 2018

This week Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP will be appearing before Hilary Benn's Exiting the EU Select Committee on Thursday to give evidence on the progress of the Brexit negotiations.

Spring Statement, early advice and LASPO

14 March 2018

Yesterday the Chancellor Rt Hon Phillip Hammond MP delivered the Spring Statement. 

From refugee to Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year

12 March 2018

I was inspired to study law by the legal aid solicitor who helped me with my asylum case. My solicitor was really good, but I could see that many other asylum seekers were suffering badly without any proper representation.

Justice takes centre stage, Brexit speeches and early advice

06 March 2018

Justice takes centre stage in Parliament this week as the Lord Chancellor takes questions from MPs in the House of Commons on Tuesday, before appearing in front of the Justice Select Committee on Wednesday.

When silence isn’t golden: finding your voice as young women lawyers

05 March 2018

“Feel empowered. And if you start to do it, if you start to feel your voice heard, you will never go back.”  Mary Robinson

Our early advice drop-in session at Parliament and Brexit

28 February 2018

On Tuesday 27 February 2018 we hosted parliamentarians at a drop-in event on our early advice campaign. Our campaign calls on the Government to provide legal aid for early advice in housing and family cases. 

Taking care of business: talking about mental health at your work

27 February 2018

Kayleigh Leonie looks at the results of the Junior Lawyers Division resilience and wellbeing survey and asks: Is your organisation doing enough to support the resilience and wellbeing of its employees?

Are you GDPR ready? Start here

20 February 2018

The General Data Protection Regulation comes into force on 25 May 2018 in the UK, and yet recent research has found that only 25 per cent of law firms believe they are in compliance. If you haven’t started planning for it yet, this is where you should begin.

3 ways to improve client care at your law firm

13 February 2018

Client care is important for all businesses, and even more important for law firms. Clients are often facing challenging life circumstances when they reach out to a solicitor. The last thing they need to deal with is unreturned calls, or having to repeat sensitive and personal information to different people.

Launch of write to your MP for our early advice campaign, Second Reading of the EU (Withdrawal) Bill

06 February 2018

As part of our early advice campaign, you can now write to your local MP using our online system. Show your support by writing to your MP here – it only takes a few minutes. 

LGBT representation in the legal profession: What has changed and what needs to change?

05 February 2018

It’s the 13th LGBT History Month 2018, the celebration of the LGBT community in the UK. What progress has been made and what challenges do we still face? 

Our priorities for the justice system, the new Lord Chancellor

30 January 2018

Last week the Law Society issued proceedings against the Ministry of Justice to challenge a decision to implement further cuts to legal aid. Read our press release.

4 ways to optimise your CV for jobs in law

30 January 2018

Like any sector you’re trying to get into, to make an impact and be noticed in the world of law, you have to write your CV so it stands out. How do you do that for the legal sector? Try these tips.

Are cryptocurrencies really the wild west? An intro to Initial Coin Offerings

23 January 2018

With more than US $3 billion being raised by way of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in 2017 and the price of Bitcoin breaking through the US $19,000 mark (and dramatically falling again), interest in ICOs and cryptocurrencies is at an all-time high. 

Ministerial reshuffle, solicitor David Gauke MP is the new Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor, Taxation (Cross-border Trade) Bill

17 January 2018

Last week the Prime Minister undertook a ministerial reshuffle. The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) confirmed David Gauke MP as the new Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor. He is the first qualified solicitor to be appointed to the post and replaces Rt Hon David Lidington MP, who was appointed as Minister for the Cabinet Office.

I wanted to be a lawyer, not a sales rep: 4 steps to tackle business development

17 January 2018

If you’re not bringing in new work (or at least sowing the seeds to make sure you have a pipeline of future work), your firm/department/practice’s commercial future isn’t going to be as bright as you’d like it to be. Business development is rarely as high up on the priority list as it should be because there’s not enough time, it’s not your job, there are too many other things to do. 

Owning up to mistakes - what is the right thing to do?

08 January 2018

Mistakes happen. Everybody - even lawyers at the top firms - make mistakes.

Do money launderers have holidays off? 5 red flags for smaller firms to look out for

18 December 2017

It is that time of year again, we are all feeling festive, thinking of relaxing at home over the Christmas period with mince pies, chocolate and turkey! But what are the criminals looking forward to? 

Human rights priorities, Brexit and access to justice

18 December 2017

Last week the government suffered its first defeat on the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, with MPs voting on Wednesday in favour of giving Parliament a meaningful vote on the final deal. On Tuesday the government had conceded on providing a ‘sifting’ committee for any statutory instruments arising from Brexit.

It must happen by Christmas said the client

13 December 2017

“It must happen by Christmas”. How many clients tell their solicitors this? Such clients might want to conclude a corporate transaction, complete a property purchase or finish their divorce settlement. They may not have mentioned this when they instructed us, but did you ask them?

Our campaign for the reintroduction of legal aid for early advice

13 December 2017

Access to justice is a fundamental principle of democratic societies, which shapes much of our work. Whether it is our work supporting pro bono initiatives, or our campaigning on legal aid deserts, we work tirelessly to ensure the justice system is accessible to all. 

Oral justice questions and Brexit

12 December 2017

Last week saw the Lord Chancellor and his ministerial team face questions in the House of Commons on a range of issues. Early legal advice was raised numerous times during the session following the launch in October 2017 of the Law Society’s campaign to restore legal aid for early advice in housing and family cases.

I'm detained, and it’s killing me

05 December 2017

I'm detained, but I'm not a criminal. I'm detained and no one can tell me when I'll be released. How do you respond to hearing such truths? This is the truth that many solicitors hear every day.

There was a debate in Westminster Hall about the provision of legal aid

05 December 2017

Last week the government launched its new Industrial Strategy White Paper, a long-term vision which aims “to create an economy that boosts productivity and earning power throughout the country.” The Industrial Strategy noted professional services as one of the strongest UK economy sectors. 

Budget and Brexit related bills continue through Parliament

28 November 2017

Last week the Chancellor of the Exchequer delivered the first Budget of the current Parliament. It focused on addressing the UK’s investment in research and development and announced a number of measures aimed at addressing ‘inter-generational unfairness’ for young people – including changes to stamp duty land tax aimed at helping people on to the housing ladder.

How fraudsters almost extorted €500,000, using only emails and phone calls

28 November 2017

"Criminals have access to your calendar, to all kinds of different information and you have no clue that this is happening." Carole Gratzmuller, company president, was out of the office on the Friday morning her accountant’s phone rang. 

Autumn budget 2017 summary

23 November 2017

The Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond delivered his first Budget of the parliament, which replaced the Spring Budget. He focused his statement on addressing ‘inter-generational unfairness’ and boosting the UK’s comparative research and investment public funding. 

Withdrawal Bill begins Committee Stage and Law Society gives evidence on AI

22 November 2017

Last week the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union announced that Parliament will get to vote on a final trade deal with the European Union, should the government be successful in negotiating one. He also delivered a speech on the EU negotiations where he highlighted the importance of our legal system and protecting the mobility of professionals.

Death, taxes and charity: let's talk about gift giving in wills

21 November 2017

People believe that legal advisers should provide information about leaving money to charity when discussing wills, but many advisers are more comfortable talking death and taxes than they are about legacy giving. Rob Cope, director of campaigning organisation and charity consortium Remember A Charity, shares why it’s important.

The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill will go through Committee stage on 14-15 November

14 November 2017

This week MPs and peers return to parliament from a short recess. The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill will go through Committee stage on 14-15 November in the House of Commons. This will be the first of eight days scheduled for committee stage.

You and yours: 6 personal financial planning tips for solicitors

14 November 2017

Professionals from all walks of life tend to be so focused on helping their own clients that they often leave little time to plan for themselves. The journey to a career in law is as demanding as it is potentially rewarding, and it’s essential that sufficient time is allocated to financially plan for your future. The best plans are always started early.

Parliament continued to take evidence on Brexit: deal or no deal from groups

09 November 2017

The groups included the Confederation of British Industries and Trade Union Congress. The Law Society submitted written evidence to this inquiry last week. 

National tragedies, local response

07 November 2017

In 2017 the country has been struck by a series of tragedies. A number of terrorist attacks were followed by the terrible fire at Grenfell Tower. The whole country was united in sympathy for those affected by these events, and wanted to do something to help. The legal community was no different.

100 Years since women became people

01 November 2017

We’re all familiar with the saying ‘men are from Mars and women are from Venus’, less well known is that, not so long ago, women weren’t actually considered people at all! 

Lord Chancellor gives evidence on LASPO review and small claims limit

31 October 2017

This week parliament continues to hold evidence sessions on the impact of Brexit and the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, including the Secretary of State for Exiting the EU giving evidence to the EU Lords Committee on the impact of a no deal. Oral Justice Questions and Exiting the EU Questions will also take place on Tuesday and Thursday respectively.

What have we got here then? Companies must police themselves

24 October 2017

Today, company directors need to understand that the law requires them to ensure that their company is required to police itself for good corporate governance. The days have long gone when directors could say that their singular role in life was to maximise company profits, without considering the wider implications of its actions.

Blockchain: How pizza can change the world

18 October 2017

On Saturday 22 May 2010 in Jacksonville, Florida, Laszlo Hanyecz made a revolutionary transaction: he bought two Domino's pizzas for the equivalent of $41. This was the first ever purchase made using the digital currency Bitcoin. 

Are you the 65% or the 35%? 65% of law firms have been a victim of a cyber incident

04 October 2017

In my last blog, I wrote about a train journey and the complacency shown by two commercial property solicitors chatting about their client in full earshot of everyone who might want to listen. The response was great, but the concerning message was that, as a sector, we are far too complacent about cybercrime. Unless we do something about it, and do it now, we will all continue to fall victim. It's just a matter of time.

Heard the one about the law firm that saved itself 8% on fuel bills without spending a penny?

27 September 2017

No it's not a joke nor an ad for a new gas tariff. This is the  typical kind of cost reduction a law firm member of the Legal Sustainability Alliance can achieve using the resources and advice from this free dedicated legal network.

European Union (Withdrawal) Bill passed Second Reading

26 September 2017

This week, party conference season has begun with the Liberal Democrat conference in Bournemouth (16-19 September). It continues with Labour (Brighton, 24 – 27 September) and Conservative (Manchester, 1 – 4 October). The public affairs team is attending these conferences and running a comprehensive programme of activities.

Bi Visibility Day - a trainee's experience of being out in a City firm

22 September 2017

As well as being a trainee at Reed Smith, I’m also a bisexual man. This Bisexual Visibility Day I want to reflect on my journey into the profession - and how the legal sector’s understanding of bisexuality and LGBT issues has changed during this time.

From Professor McGonagall to Ally McBeal: breaking into law after 20 years of teaching

20 September 2017

I have just completed the LPC. It is demanding and expensive, so not something to undertake on a whim. I was seeking change and challenge in my professional life and felt that law would provide me with both. The blend of academic rigour and the practical element of responding to clients' needs was particularly attractive to me.

Party conference season begins

19 September 2017

This week, party conference season has begun with the Liberal Democrat conference in Bournemouth (16-19 September). It continues with Labour (Brighton, 24 – 27 September) and Conservative (Manchester, 1 – 4 October). The public affairs team is attending these conferences and running a comprehensive programme of activities.

Data protection for the 21st century: Here’s what law firms need to do to comply with GDPR

12 September 2017

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a buzzword in the legal sector at the moment, and you may well be sick of hearing about it – but that doesn’t make it less important an issue for firms to address. 

Second Reading and vote of EU (Withdrawal) Bill

12 September 2017

Parliament is back from recess for seven sitting days. This week the Second Reading of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill will resume. The Labour party has put forward a reasoned amendment expressing concerns about the Bill. These type of amendments do not seek to change the content of the Bill but are motions opposing the Bill, giving reasons why it should not become law. However, even if the amendment passes, the Bill can continue its passage through the House and reach Committee Stage where

Third time lucky: Applying for a judicial appointment

06 September 2017

As the saying goes, what is worth doing is worth doing well. If you want to secure a judicial appointment you should sit down and make a plan.

Government publishes five Brexit papers including the civil justice co-operation paper

31 August 2017

Last week the UK Government published five papers detailing its position on Brexit. These papers include provisions which may have an impact on the legal profession or the justice system. 

Fine or cloudy weather ahead? Cloud computing for law firms

30 August 2017

Cloud computing is increasingly ubiquitous, even in law firms, despite the view that the legal profession has a reputation for being slow to adapt. It is particularly popular among small firms and sole practitioners.

Take a holiday, avoid sunburn and burnout: tips from a trainee solicitor

22 August 2017

Yes - I am also guilty of waking up in the middle of the night and refreshing my work emails - the shame!

How does a sole practitioner ever take a holiday?

15 August 2017

I ended up in the attic of the gite standing on a sofa, on top of cushions, with my head out of the Velux window trying to get the best signal….

Personal branding for lawyers: Beyond the business card

08 August 2017

You already have a personal brand – you just may not know it yet. It is already influencing your relationships with colleagues and contacts, affecting which clients you win and retain, whether you get that next promotion or new job. Can you afford to ignore it?

HMCTS proposals for a flexible operating hours pilot raises more concerns than solutions

04 August 2017

Speed, ease and efficiency are laudable objectives for the court system in England and Wales, but current proposals for a flexible operating hours pilot raise far more concerns than solutions. When the plan to pilot extended court opening hours was first announced in May, the Law Society warned HM Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS) that the scheme could heap more pressure on an already fragile system.

Keep your papers under wraps for GDPR compliance

31 July 2017

Under the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), aggrieved data subjects can sue firms for failing to secure their personal data properly. New statistics from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) showed that there was a 173% increase in data security incidents in the legal sector in Q4 2017 compared with the previous quarter.

Get the best from your professional indemnity insurance renewal in 5 steps

26 July 2017

Solicitors' professional indemnity insurance (PII) is one of the top three overheads for most law firms. We've put together this guide with some tips on how to prepare for your renewal to give you the confidence that you have got the best terms for your business.

Parliament in recess until September

25 July 2017

Both houses of parliament are now in recess on Thursday. They will return on Tuesday 5 September.

Growing your client base: content is king

18 July 2017

Alex Heshmaty, legal writer, explains what content marketing is, and how law firms can use it to grow their client base and build a rapport

#Collaboration for CoLin: online courts hackathon for Law Society and Wavelength Law

17 July 2017

This packed out room was the start of a 24 hour sprint, trying to find an innovative, tech based solution to many of the challenges faced when trying to modernise our courts system and increase access to justice. 

Repeal Bill and Taylor Review published last week

17 July 2017

This week both houses will rise for summer recess. They will return on Tuesday 5 September until 14 September, when recess for party conferences season starts.

Give to receive: how to assign legal work

11 July 2017

If lawyers assign legal work and the results don’t meet their expectations, they often blame the people they assigned it to. But, says Gary Richards, the issue often lies with how the work was assigned: the initial conversation and the process following it.

Repeal Bill to be introduced to parliament this week

10 July 2017

The Taylor review on modern employment practices will be published on Tuesday. The Law Society contributed to the review with a set of recommendations to ensure that employment law help create better workplaces. The Prime Minister is expected to give a speech.

Debates and vote on the Queen's Speech

04 July 2017

This week there will be a number of debates on Brexit, particularly in the House of Lords, with a focus on acquired rights and consumer protection rights.

Pride in your law firm, pride in yourself

04 July 2017

In many countries you can be punished by the state, persecuted and even killed just for being LGBT or celebrating LGBT identities. Trans people do not have access to life changing healthcare and are discriminated against under law.

Ask an AI: what makes lawyers “professional”?

27 June 2017

AI has the potential to augment our ability to deliver affordable, quality, professional services. Does it also have the potential to leave you out of a job? An AI could make legal decisions, but what about ethical decisions?

Knowing your employment rights: the case for reforming employment status law

27 June 2017

Most of us know, roughly, what our rights at work are: that our pay is a certain amount, that we should get sick days and holiday, and can't be arbitrarily fired.  But for people working in the ‘gig economy’ or other less conventional working arrangements, understanding whether you're an employee with all those rights, genuinely self-employed and so must fend for yourself, or that grey "worker" area in between, is complicated.

New lord chancellor sworn in and Queen's speech analysis

26 June 2017

The new lord chancellor, the Rt Hon David Lidington MP, was sworn in on Monday 19 June. President of the Law Society, Robert Bourns, attended and spoke. Read the President's speech.

9 things you need to know about the new AML regulations

21 June 2017

The draft Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds (Information on Payer) Regulations 2017 were published on 15 March 2017. The regulations are not as long as the title sounds (or as scary) but failure to take note of the changes can expose firms to prosecution or disciplinary action. Firms with Lexcel should renew their AML policies to ensure compliance with the new regulations.

5 ways to boost your productivity that are backed by science

14 June 2017

The internet is full of articles claiming to provide the secret to limitless personal productivity. If only we got out of bed earlier, organised our email more often, or divided our day into 25-minute bursts of activity followed by tiny little breaks. There’s even one study out there that says that the secret is to pause to look at pictures of kittens every few hours…

General election 2017: new lord chancellor and results analysis

13 June 2017

Prime Minister Theresa May has reshuffled a number of Cabinet posts, including the lord chancellor, and her two most senior advisors – Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill – have resigned.

It’s risky business without a risk register

06 June 2017

If you're not a Compliance Officer for Legal Practice (COLP), you might ask what a risk register is, and if you are a COLP, you should definitely have one. 

Best practice advice available via My Law Society

01 June 2017

Practice notes are a valuable way of understanding best practice in many areas of law. Members are encouraged to sign up to My Law Society from June to access all practice notes in detail.

Overheard on a train: How I could have ransomed a law firm (but didn’t)

31 May 2017

One day in February, Graham Murphy found himself on a train next to two solicitors. As they opened their laptops and began to talk about the details of a £100m transaction, he pricked up his ears and began to think about what a fraudster or cybercriminal might make of all this. And then they went to the buffet…

General election 2017: what you can do locally to support our priorities for law and justice

25 May 2017

We have identified our priorities for the next government in our Vision for Law and Justice. It is important that you get involved. Here's what you can do to support us at a local level.

Your money or your data: 4 reasons to comply with GDPR

24 May 2017

In a recent survey of IT decision makers 25 per cent of respondents had cancelled preparations for the GDPR and 44 per cent thought GDPR won’t apply to UK businesses after the UK has left the EU. Anna Drozd explains why law firms need to comply. 

Party manifestos analysed for the 2017 general election

22 May 2017

Our priorities for the election were set out in Our vision of law and justice. They included to maintain the integrity of the jurisdiction, remove barriers to justice and uphold the rule of law. A number of our calls were adopted by the different parties in their manifestos following our campaigning and we will continue to engage with the parties to make sure that these commitments, and our wider priorities, are reflected by the next government.

Making the legal system accessible to all - the Law Society’s vision for law and justice

18 May 2017

Along with priorities for the rule of law and Brexit, access to justice represents the third pillar of our Vision for Law and Justice we launched on 5 May.

Climbing the spine of learning by president Robert Bourns

17 May 2017

A highlight of every year for me, since becoming Deputy Vice President and now President of the Law Society, is the admissions ceremonies. Each time I tell them that we are all advocates for the profession and the solicitor brand. For many, qualifying is the major milestone in their journey as a solicitor. I feel strongly that is only one part of our development in the profession - albeit a very important one.  

Winning an Excellence Award – how to do it and the difference it makes

16 May 2017

Ranjit Uppal won the Law Society’s Excellence Award for Solicitor Advocate of the Year 2016. He shares six tips on how to put together a winning submission.  The 2017 Excellence Awards nominations deadline is 26 May

Upholding the rule of law - The Law Society’s vision for law and justice

11 May 2017

With the country going to the polls on 8 June, the Law Society has established our priorities for the next Government on law and justice. We released Our Vision for Law and Justice last week.

Beware of the phish – how to stay ahead of the scammers

03 May 2017

UPDATED 10 May 2017 Following great discussion on social media, it is probably helpful to highlight that the risk from using cloud storage systems is in particular from using the free online versions which the original post refers to. Read Peter's update about Dropbox, regulatory compliance and how a law firm was penalised by the ICO for having used a cloud storage system designed for private users for business purposes

Final bills of this parliament gain Royal Assent

02 May 2017

As Parliament finishes business ahead of the dissolution of parliament on 3 May, the Intellectual Property (Unjustified Threats) Act and Criminal Finances Act received Royal Assent

The Law Society’s vision for law and justice – maintaining legal certainty through Brexit

28 April 2017

With the country going to the polls on 8 June, the Law Society has established our priorities for the next Government on law and justice. We will be releasing a full vision for law and justice next week. One of the priorities will be maintaining legal certainty for Brexit.

How to make the best decisions for the financial future of your firm

25 April 2017

Data from the Law Management Section’s 2017 Financial Benchmarking Survey shows continued improvements for most participants, but there are warning signs that some practices are slipping back into bad habits, warns Andy Harris

Prisons and Courts Bill falls

24 April 2017

Last Tuesday, the prime minister announced that she will be asking Parliament to vote for a general election on 8 June. On Wednesday, the House of Commons surpassed the two thirds majority needed to approve the motion by 522 to 13.

Calling all ethnic minority and LGBT solicitors - your Law Society needs you

19 April 2017

We want you to have your say in the work of the Law Society, and to help you get the maximum benefit from your membership.

Snap general election 2017 and the legal profession

19 April 2017

On Tuesday 18 April the prime minister took Westminster and the country by surprise in announcing that she will be tabling a motion to the House of Commons to call for a General Election. On 19 April the House of Commons surpassed the two thirds majority needed to approve the motion by 522 to 13 and approved that a General Election will take place on 8 June.  

10 actionable productivity tips for legal professionals

18 April 2017

There’s one big thing that’s killing our ability to focus and give our work the attention it requires: digital distraction — the overwhelming bombardment of text messages, emails, pop-ups, news feeds, and updates from which it is almost impossible to hide.

3 steps to better negotiating

11 April 2017

Negotiating might be central to a solicitor’s role, and to be a good negotiator you need to be able to hone your selling technique. Ciarán Fenton provides a 3-step guide

Brexit Motions and EU Human Rights

10 April 2017

The House of Commons and House of Lords are both on recess. The House of Commons will return on Tuesday 18 April. The House of Lords will return on Monday 24 April.

Law firm marketing ban in hospitals won’t cure NHS ills

06 April 2017

Plans to ban personal injury firms advertising in hospitals in England are short sighted and counter productive, says the Law Society's head of the Justice Team, Richard Miller.

How to fundraise for a Legal Walk: 6 top tips

04 April 2017

Legal Walks happen through the year and throughout the country. The London Legal Walk is only 6 weeks away. Have you got your team in place and began your fundraising? If not, now’s the time. Bob Nightingale offers his top tips.

Article 50 is triggered and the Law Society gave evidence to Prisons and Courts Bill

03 April 2017

This week the House of Commons will begin its Easter recess and will return on Monday 18 April. The House of Lords will continue to sit with a number of motions on Brexit and evidence sessions on co-operation with the EU on criminal justice and security.

8 tips for spring-cleaning your law firm

28 March 2017

Now that spring is officially here, you may be planning to spring-clean your home. But what about your business? Accountant Rosy Rourke highlights eight elements of your business to address.

Committee stage of the Prisons and Courts Bill and Article 50 to be triggered

27 March 2017

This week the Prisons and Courts Bill will return to the House of Commons to undertake Committee Stage and our Head of Justice will be giving evidence to the Committee on Tuesday.

Second Reading debate of the Prisons and Courts Bill and its implications for access to justice

20 March 2017

This week access to justice will be at the top of the parliamentary agenda.

#SayMyName (correctly please!)

20 March 2017

Our names are part of our identity, so it can have an impact on us when they’re pronounced incorrectly. To mark the UN End Racism Day 21 March, the Law Society is asking what’s in a name for #SayMyName. Bansi Desai explains why it’s important to her

How to use an award to promote your firm

15 March 2017

Applying for an award for your business can be hard work, but the benefits are enormous, if you capitalise on the win. Kate Adam provides a step-by-step guide 

Article 50 likely to be triggered this week

13 March 2017

The prime minister is expected to trigger Article 50 by her 31 March deadline.

Taking the silk road? Four tips from a QC

08 March 2017

This year a record number of solicitor advocates were appointed to Queen's Counsel. Adam Johnson, one of the six appointed, shares his tips for success.

Article 50 bill amended in the House of Lords

07 March 2017

The European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill is amended and the discount rate to personal injury compensation payments is lowered.

Seven reasons why the legal profession needs International Women’s Day

02 March 2017

Wednesday 8 March is International Women's Day, an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women and highlight the challenges that still have to be overcome. Suzanne Gallagher and Shereen Semnani offer seven reasons why the legal profession needs to sit up and take notice.

Article 50 bill discussed in the House of Lords and Prisons and Courts Bill published

01 March 2017

The European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill is debated and the government publishes the Prisons and Courts Bill.

Continuing competence: meeting requirements is easier than you think

01 March 2017

Four months into continuing competence, some firms are introducing draconian, bureaucratic processes to comply under the new regime. And that means they are unnecessarily making a rod for their own back, says Melissa Hardee.

Capturing time effectively increases profit: the data tells us so

23 February 2017

Barry Wilkinson makes the case for time capture and why it is essential to profitability

Homeless at 16, qualified solicitor at 28

15 February 2017

Keiley Ann Broadhead was homeless at 16 and lived in a hostel during her A-Levels. 12 years later, she is a qualified and award-winning in-house solicitor. She explains how the Law Society's Diversity Access Scheme helped her achieve her dream

Workers' rights without enforcement are meaningless

10 February 2017

With cases of exploitation thrusting UK employment law into the spotlight, Nick Denys looks at how the system can be made fairer for all. Reading time: 2 minutes

New routes to qualification: How an apprentice can help your firm

08 February 2017

Three new apprenticeship schemes have opened up new routes into the legal profession. Jessie Barwick looks at the advantages for apprentices, firms and the legal profession.

Brexit white paper published and Justice Select Committee hearing on soft tissue claims

07 February 2017

Alexandra Cardenas looks at the progression of the Brexit bill and the government’s consultation on soft tissue injury claims.

Cybersecurity: What the Panama Papers can teach all law firms

02 February 2017

The Panama Papers leak exposed the most common weakest link in law firms' cybersecurity: its people. Mark Leiser looks at what firms can learn from the scandal.

Brexit priorities for the legal sector

01 February 2017

The legal sector is playing a key role in shaping the upcoming negotiations for exiting the EU. Robert Bourns considers priorities for the profession during this period of transition.

Supreme Court judgment handed down and Brexit bill introduced

30 January 2017

The Supreme Court hands down judgment in the article 50 case, the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill is introduced, and Mikaël Laurens gives evidence to the International Trade Select Committee.

Regulation of legal services in 2017

24 January 2017

Robert Bourns considers the Competition and Markets Authority report on competition in the legal services market, developments on the SRA handbook and Solicitors Qualifying Examination, and potential changes to professional indemnity insurance.

More detail on Brexit and LASPO review announced

23 January 2017

The prime minister rules out continued membership of the single market, the LASPO Post-Implementation Review is announced and the Law Society anticipates the Supreme Court judgement on Article 50.

Law Society gives evidence on Brexit and MPs discuss access to justice

17 January 2017

Alexandra Cardenas discusses Brexit, briefing parliamentarians and the Law Society's work on small claims.

Pride in the Profession in 2017

12 January 2017

Robert Bourns reflects on the strengths of the legal sector and encourages solicitors to take pride in their work and speak up for their profession.

Brexit: dismantling Europe brick by brick

11 January 2017

As the dust clears after the EU referendum, we face the challenge of how to separate the shared UK/EU legal framework. And that challenge is truly unprecedented, says Ignasi Guardans.

A look at 2017: Access to justice

05 January 2017

In the first in a series on the key issues concerning solicitors in 2017, Robert Bourns looks at threats to access to justice.

New year, new clients

04 January 2017

Hayley Stewart of communications agency DTW, explains how you can use the Law Society's solicitor brand campaign to promote your firm this new year.

How to win clients with words

21 December 2016

You might think that your deep knowledge of your subject matter and your great discursive skills equip you to write content marketing for your firm. But it's not as simple as it seems, says Ben Hollom.

Brexit secretary commits to publishing plan in New Year

19 December 2016

Alexandra Cardenas looks at ongoing Brexit discussions in her latest report.

Lose your inhibitions but not your job – Christmas party etiquette

14 December 2016

Office Christmas parties can be the highlight of the work social calendar – or minefields for the unwary. So how can you make sure you have a great time without getting yourself in any trouble? Employment lawyer Richard Coulthard explains.

Triggering article 50 and the lord chancellor questioned on judiciary independence

12 December 2016

Alexandra Cardenas discusses the article 50 hearing and the chancellor's first fiscal announcement.

Human rights – all solicitors have a part to play

09 December 2016

In a blog to mark Human Rights Day, Sara Chandler looks at what the role of solicitors should be in promoting human rights.

Go with the flow: top five tips for managing your cashflow

30 November 2016

Steve Deutsch, chief executive of Wesleyan Bank, offers his top five tips to help law firms stay on top of their finances.

UK's withdrawal from the EU, and legal aid deserts

28 November 2016

Alexandra Cardenas discusses the latest Brexit developments and looks at legal aid for housing.

Autumn statement and Government's reversal of immigration and asylum fees

28 November 2016

Alexandra Cardenas discusses the Autumn statement and the government's reversal of immigration and asylum fees.

How to get and keep clients: 9 top tips on adding value

24 November 2016

Kerrie Fuller outlines the Law Society's value proposition project and explains how law firms can get started with their own project, to understand and deliver what their clients want from them.

Autumn statement and the Justice Select Committee annual report

21 November 2016

Alexandra Cardenas looks at the  Autumn statement and Justice Select Committee's annual report.

Seven top tips on managing negative social media comments

16 November 2016

If negative comments are made about your firm on social media, how can you manage the conversation to avoid lasting damage to your business? David Gilroy explains.

Article 50 and women in the law

14 November 2016

Alexandra Cardenas discusses the government's reaction to the article 50 ruling and diversity in law.

Doing your bit: supporting the vulnerable through pro bono

09 November 2016

The pro bono advice given by solicitors provides essential support to some of the most vulnerable and stigmatised in society. Caroline Sorbier explains how it helps in one charity Body & Soul, which supports those living with or affected by HIV.

Welcome to National Pro Bono Week

07 November 2016

Robert Bourns discusses National Pro Bono Week and the launch of our Pro Bono Charter.

The Investigatory Powers Bill and legal professional privilege

07 November 2016

Alexandra Cardenas discusses the third reading of the Investigatory Powers Bill and the strengthening of legal professional privilege.

Vexatious claims and Brexit debates

31 October 2016

Alexandra Cardenas takes a look at the discussions in parliament focusing debates on Brexit and legislative scrutiny of bills in both houses.

5 top tips to make your office space more inspiring

26 October 2016

Richard Heinrich looks at how you can increase morale and productivity by making small, simple changes to your office environments.

Investigatory Powers Bill debated

24 October 2016

Alexandra Cardenas takes a look at the report stage debates on the Investigatory Powers Bill.

12 tips for the first year: diary of a start-up law firm

19 October 2016

In his second instalment of his diary of a start-up family law firm, Robin Charrot shares the lessons learned from Evolve’s first year.

Reviewing the implications of Brexit

17 October 2016

Alexandra Cardenas takes a look at the latest Brexit-related events and the implications for the UK justice system.

Conservative Party Conference

07 October 2016

Alexandra Cardenas provides an overview of the topics discussed at the Conservative Party Conference.

The zero-networking approach to business development

06 October 2016

A solicitor's career hinges on their ability to win work. Douglas McPherson suggests five alternative options for those that don't like formal networking.

Labour Party Conference

30 September 2016

Alexandra Cardenas provides an overview of the topics discussed at the Labour Party Conference.

Adapt or die: are solicitors becoming obsolete?

29 September 2016

Andrew Kidd explains why it is essential that the legal profession adapts to the way clients wish to consume legal services.  

Liberal Democrat Conference

23 September 2016

Alexandra Cardenas provides an overview of the Law Society's activities at the Liberal Democrat Conference.

Why do we celebrate Black History Month?

22 September 2016

In advance of Black History Month, Jerry Garvey and Barbara Whitehorne consider issues around diversity in the legal profession, and explain what the Law Society is doing to help.

Transforming our justice system

16 September 2016

Alexandra Cardenas discusses new proposals to reform the courts system and the government's plan for the renegotiation of a deal with the EU.

SRA Handbook proposals - a blueprint for a splintered profession?

15 September 2016

Jayne Willetts outlines concerns about the SRA's consultation on proposals which may deregulate the legal market. 

What will you leave behind?

09 September 2016

As part of Remember A Charity Week, Rob Cope discusses the importance of reminding clients about charitable donations in their wills.

New priorities for justice

09 September 2016

Alexandra Cardenas provides an overview of the lord chancellor's first session of Justice Oral Questions and looks at priorities for her department.

7 legal writing mistakes to avoid

02 September 2016

Richard Heinrich looks at the seven deadly sins of writing legal documents.

16 practical tips to improve your internal communications

26 August 2016

Rachel Brushfield explains the role that effective internal communication plays in building employee engagement, and provides a host of tips for employers.

Unravelling the Gordian knot of law firm ownership

19 August 2016

Matthew Still considers the relationship between ownership and operation for UK legal services.

Close to home: spotting elder abuse

12 August 2016

Richard Roberts details the warning signs of financial abuse of the elderly, what practitioners should look out for, and the steps they can take where such abuse is exposed.

Business and human rights

08 August 2016

Robert Bourns discusses modern slavery and how law firms can advise clients on human rights.

‘Two-tier’ legal profession danger

28 July 2016

Robert Bourns discusses how changes to the SRA Handbook would dilute client protections.

Swearing in of the lord chancellor

22 July 2016

Alexandra Cardenas details the swearing in of Liz Truss, the first female lord chancellor, and highlights other new legal ministerial briefs.

LinkedIn: is it worth your time?

21 July 2016

Emily Miller and Susan Kench explore LinkedIn's value for solicitors, and offer some tips on how to improve your profile.

Brexit: political turmoil

15 July 2016

Alexandra Cardenas considers the new prime minister's key ministerial appointments following the EU referendum and Conservative party reshuffle. 

New beginnings: Pride in the profession

14 July 2016

Robert Bourns reflects on the start of his presidency, and discusses our new Pride in the profession campaign. 

Brexit fallout and Conservative party leadership contest

08 July 2016

Alexandra Cardenas discusses the fallout from the Brexit result on the EU referendum, and the resulting Conservative Party leadership contest. 

Brexit: a traumatic and turbulent week

01 July 2016

Alexandra Cardenas considers how and when the next prime minister will start the official proceedings of Britain's withdrawal from the EU, and reports on the second reading of the Investigatory Powers Bill. 

President's farewell blog

30 June 2016

In the last video of the president's blog series, Jonathan Smithers shares the successes of the past 12 months. Hear about the steps that were taken with the criminal courts charges, the Law Society's exploration of technology across the profession and watch the short tribute compilation of his highlights.

Pride: why we march

30 June 2016

Kevin Poulter reflects on the Pride in London parade, and discusses equality for the LGBT community. 

Brexit: no need for haste

24 June 2016

Alexandra Cardenas discusses the outcomes of the EU referendum.

Will lawyers be replaced by robots?

23 June 2016

Jonathan Smithers explains how artificial intelligence has permeated our lives and considers the consequences for the legal profession.

Policing and Crime Bill moves to House of Lords

17 June 2016

Alexandra Cardenas discusses the Policing and Crime Bill and considers a question around the independence of the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Being out at work - why does it matter?

16 June 2016

Sarah Crowe considers the issues around coming out as LGBT in the workplace and provides some tips for law firms.

Investigatory Powers Bill debate continues during purdah

10 June 2016

While many government departments languish in purdah, the parliamentary debate around the Investigatory Powers Bill continues. Alexandra Cardenas considers the issues.

Emotional resilience: escaping low self-esteem

09 June 2016

In the third instalment on emotional health for solicitors, Julian Hall takes a look at the relationship between emotional resilience and self-esteem.

The robots are coming - but will justice be done?

03 June 2016

LHS Solicitors discuss the growth of AI and the impact it will have on the legal profession.

Do we need new law or legal concepts to govern AI and machine learning?

02 June 2016

Artificial intelligence (AI) and the Modern Transport Bill are among the topics discussed in this month's review by the president, Jonathan Smithers. Watch his blog to also find out about the latest international engagements, the London Legal Walk 2016 and to learn about our upcoming conference during London Technology Week this June.

Brexit marches closer

27 May 2016

Alexandra Cardenas considers the intensification of EU referendum and discusses the Treasury's apparent efforts to avert it.

What's in solicitors' heads?

25 May 2016

Caroline Roddis discusses the Law Society Insights community and explains how you can get involved.

Queen's Speech: reactions

20 May 2016

Alexandra Cardenas considers reactions to the Queen's Speech, and outlines the main points of interest to the legal profession.

Stress and the legal profession

19 May 2016

As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, Karen Jackson discusses how stress affects the mind and body and considers ways for law firms to manage the issue.

Queen's speech

18 May 2016

Alexandra Cardenas discusses the points of interest relevant to the legal sector that were mentioned in the Queen's speech.

Stonewall: creating change

17 May 2016

As part of the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia (#IDAHOT), Duncan Wood outlines some top tips to help law firms ensure that they are inclusive places to work.

Restoring credibility to human rights

13 May 2016

Alexandra Cardenas considers the parliamentary debate on the European Convention of Human Rights and discusses the Anti-Corruption Summit.

Protecting your online assets

12 May 2016

As part of Dying Matters Awareness Week, Gary Rycroft writes about what happens to your digital assets after death, and how to protect them.

Leading by example

06 May 2016

Alexandra Cardenas discusses the Anti-Corruption Summit 2016, where MPs stated that the UK needs to lead by example to drive out corruption.

Provision of justice must never be a revenue-raising exercise

05 May 2016

The proposed plans to increase tribunal fees, the success of the Rights of Women legal challenge and progress on the UN Business and Human Rights principles - these are just a few of the highlighted issues in this month's president's blog. 

Excellence Awards - excellent for business

05 May 2016

Laura Devine discusses how winning the Excellence Award for Woman Lawyer of the Year has made a difference to her firm.

Brexit: a shift in policy?

29 April 2016

Alexandra Cardenas discusses the home secretary's speech on Brexit and considers questions over legal aid and clinical negligence.

London Legal Walk: supporting access to justice

27 April 2016

Bob Nightingale explains how London’s solicitors are helping the poorest and most vulnerable people in the region.

Frictions over legal aid

22 April 2016

Alexandra Cardenas discusses the legal aid residence test and the judicial review challenge to domestic violence evidence requirements.

Law Society governance review

20 April 2016

As many know, a review of the governance of the Law Society is underway. We are keen to hear from our members as we consider any changes, writes vice president Robert Bourns. 

Taxing times: Panama Papers

15 April 2016

Alexandra Cardenas considers the events around the Panama Papers and provides an update on European Referendum debate.

Celebrating 10 years of excellence

14 April 2016

Annaliese Fiehn writes about the Law Society's Excellence Awards and explains the nomination process. 

Changes to domestic violence evidence requirements

08 April 2016

Alexandra Cardenas discusses the changes to the evidence requirements for victims of domestic violence and provides an update on the Investigatory Powers Bill.

How do you compare - Financial Benchmarking Survey 2016

06 April 2016

Andy Harris looks at the results of this year's Financial Benchmarking Survey.

Implementation of court closures gets underway

04 April 2016

With parliament in recess, Alexandra Cardenas highlights the latest legal aid statistics and provides an update on court closures.

President's video blog: March 2016

31 March 2016

Law Society president Jonathan Smithers reveals the acclaimed keynote speaker for this year's Excellence Awards. He also discusses the Budget's implications for solicitors and outlines his thoughts on artificial intelligence in the legal sector (duration 3:30 seconds).

Cyber attack: how would 007 do it?

31 March 2016

Stuart Poole-Robb discusses a new threat to law firms' IT systems and provides some top tips to prevent attacks from occurring. 

Resignation surprises

24 March 2016

Alexandra Cardenas considers Iain Duncan Smith's surprise resignation and the subsequent mini reshuffle.

Crack on with your career: legal apprenticeships

24 March 2016

Kayleigh Leonie asks whether the offer of a cheaper route into the profession is too good to be true.

Budget 2016: not exactly a cocktail of risks

18 March 2016

Alexandra Cardenas outlines the topline figures from the Budget announcement and provides an update on the Investigatory Powers Bill.

New beginnings: diary of a start-up law firm

17 March 2016

In the first instalment of a new series, Robin Charrot reflects on the early stages of setting up his law firm and provides practical advice for those who are considering doing the same.

Is Gove for Brexit?

11 March 2016

Alexandra Cardenas considers the rumours that Michael Gove may become the lead campaigner for the 'Leave' campaign in the EU referendum. 

International Women’s Day: Two legal sector views

08 March 2016

For International Women's Day, Julie Ashdown and Leah Glover outline their views on how the legal sector can progress gender parity and support women.

Investigatory Powers Bill is finally published

07 March 2016

Alexandra Cardenas discusses the Home Office's newly-published Investigatory Powers Bill and the Cabinet Office's report on potential post-Brexit EU relationship models.

How to successfully progress your in-house career

02 March 2016

Robert Bourns considers different career paths taken by four in-house lawyers, and looks at what lessons can be learned from their experiences.

EU referendum highlights party divisions

29 February 2016

Richard Messingham considers the latest political manoeuvrings following the Prime Minister's EU negotiations.

President's video blog: February 2016

25 February 2016

This month, Jonathan Smithers updates you on the government's consultation on separating regulators from representative bodies, the Ministry of Justice court closures, his recent appearance in front of the justice select committee, and the end of two-tier criminal legal aid contracts.

Changing places: tips for coming back to a merger

24 February 2016

Vanessa Friend reflects on two life changes in one year, and provides some tips for other women in similar situations.

EU deal twitchiness

19 February 2016

Richard Messingham discusses the EU renegotiations and looks ahead to the next European Council summit.

Increasing diversity on our Council and committees

17 February 2016

Jerry Garvey considers some common misconceptions about the Law Society’s Council and provides three case studies of Council members from diverse backgrounds.

Furore over court closures

12 February 2016

Alexandra Cardenas discusses the much-opposed proposed court closures and considers the issue of court fees.

10 ways to get clients to love your firm

11 February 2016

Kerrie Fuller explains how excellent customer service is the key to growing your business.

British Bill of Rights faces legislative hurdles

05 February 2016

Richard Messingham outlines the hurdles faced by the government over the British Bill of Rights and considers speculation that it is being delayed by the wait for clarity on the EU renegotiations.

How not to be an emotionally resilient lawyer

04 February 2016

In the second installment on emotional health for solicitors, Julian Hall takes a look at the behaviours that undermine our sense of wellbeing.

Duty contracts: a change of heart

29 January 2016

Richard Messingham considers the scrapping of the controversial duty contracts scheme for criminal legal aid.

President's video blog: January 2016

28 January 2016

In the first video blog of the year, Law Society president Jonathan Smithers welcomes our first major report on the future of legal services, aimed at helping members and their clients. He also discusses representing the profession at the opening of the legal year in Hong Kong and Malaysia and congratulates the latest QC appointees.

Why I became a social mobility ambassador

26 January 2016

Adele Edwin-Lamerton, social mobility ambassador for the Law Society, writes about her path into the law.

Labour launches access to justice commission

22 January 2016

Richard Messingham considers Labour's latest initiative and outlines the details of a Westminster Hall debate on access to justice for vulnerable people.

Collapse of PI - time to reinvent your firm

20 January 2016

Larry Cattle considers how personal injury solicitors should rethink their strategy to mitigate the impact of the change to the small-claims limit. 

Labour's reshuffle reignited

15 January 2016

Richard Messingham considers Catherine McKinnell MP's resignation, and the continuing campaign to leave the EU.

Mediation - why aren't you doing it?

14 January 2016

As part of #FamilyMediationWeek, Tracey O'Dwyer provides an overview of the benefits of mediation, and addresses some common concerns.

First week back: Labour reshuffle and EU referendum

08 January 2016

Richard Messingham reflects on the reshuffle within the Labour party and the divisive issue of the EU referendum.

You've been hacked - you just don't know it yet

08 January 2016

Personal information is the most valuable commodity on the globe, argues Nick Podd. Here he considers the issues around cybersecurity and outlines how law firms can take responsibility for the security of their clients' data.

President's video blog: December 2015

18 December 2015

Jonathan Smithers sees in the holiday period by discussing International Human Rights Day, the successful reversal of the criminal court charges and the regulation of legal services review by HM Treasury.See how you can get involved and hear about the latest developments.

EU continues to dominate at Christmas break

18 December 2015

Richard Messingham reflects on prime minister David Cameron's negotiations over the UK's membership of the EU.

Why lawyers are boring at parties

17 December 2015

Alex Barr writes about how your opening gambit at parties can influence your bottom line.

Issues around the EU Referendum Bill

11 December 2015

Richard Messingham discusses the government's problems around the EU Referendum Bill, and also provides a summary of the activity on International Human Rights Day.

Raising awareness of youth justice

10 December 2015

Preetha Gopalan, an associate at Oslwang LLP, writes about her experience of working with young people to increase their understanding of the law.

Gove shows he is not wedded to the past

04 December 2015

Richard Messingham provides an overview of the activity around the Syria debate and the lord chancellor's announcements this week. 

Are you an emotionally resilient lawyer?

03 December 2015

Julian Hall takes a look at the key personal qualities that help us navigate stress and provides some tips on developing emotional resilience.

Excitement over the Autumn Statement

27 November 2015

Richard Messingham provides an overview of the activity around the Autumn Statement, and also looks at legal aid, court closures and the Investigatory Powers Bill.

President's video blog: November 2015

26 November 2015

Jonathan Smithers shares how you can find out more about how we will be representing, promoting and supporting members following the launch of our new strategy.He also talks about the latest updates on the recommended minimum salary for trainee solicitors, criminal legal aid duty contracts and the justice committee's report on the criminal courts charge.

Keeping your firm in the know

25 November 2015

Markus Coleman explains the three simple steps to effective knowledge management for your firm.

Introducing our new member-focused strategy

20 November 2015

Law Society chief executive Catherine Dixon summarises the Society's new strategy.

Security concerns following the Paris attacks

20 November 2015

Richard Messingham discusses the possibility of the government fast tracking the draft Investigatory Powers Bill into law.

Osborne juggles spending review

13 November 2015

Richard Messingham considers the difficult choices ahead for both George Osborne and David Cameron.

Reflections on the Magna Carta exhibition

11 November 2015

Sarah Austin reflects on her background and discusses her contribution to the Supreme Court's Magna Carta exhibition.

Gender pay gap

09 November 2015

As part of #EqualPayDay, Asif Afridi and Roseanne Russell consider the gender pay gap and look at the legal framework that outlines employers' responsibilities.

Reshaping pro bono in the City

06 November 2015

Amy Heading, UK Pro Bono Manager & Counsel (Senior Associate) at DLA Piper, considers whether the current trends transforming the legal industry can also reshape pro bono practices at City firms.

The spectre of May vs. Osborne

06 November 2015

Richard Messingham reflects on a week when the home secretary Theresa May managed to steer clear of significant controversy when she introduced some long awaited changes to the law on investigatory powers.

The rewards of doing pro bono

04 November 2015

Sarah Henchoz, partner at Allen & Overy, discusses the challenges and rewards of pro bono work.

Faciemus pro bono*

02 November 2015

*Latin for: do pro bono!Martin Barnes, chief executive of LawWorks, explains the significance of National Pro Bono Week and outlines how pro bono work contributes to access to justice.

Tax credit squabbles

30 October 2015

Richard Messingham reflects on a busy week in parliament, with discussion on various pieces of legislation including tax credits, the British Bill of Rights and the Immigration Bill.

President's video blog: October 2015

29 October 2015

Jonathan Smithers reflects on his first 100 days and the annual Law Society Excellence Awards that took place on 22 October. He also discusses problems with criminal legal aid contracts.Looking forward to the month ahead, he talks about the impact that solicitors’ pro bono work has, as National Pro Bono Week takes place during the first week of November.

Defending victims of human trafficking

29 October 2015

Philippa Southwell outlines some common indicators to identify victims of forced criminality and human trafficking, and explains what to do to help such individuals when representing them.

Maintain your skills in a post-CPD world

23 October 2015

Matthew Still outlines the forthcoming changes to CPD and considers the consequences of neglecting lifelong training.

The Investigatory Powers Bill and Brexit

23 October 2015

Richard Messingham looks ahead to the release of the Investigatory Powers Bill, and considers the issues it brings up around legal professional privilege.

New policy developments come thick and fast

16 October 2015

Richard Messingham anticipates a highly active legislative period between now and Christmas now that parliament has returned, and provides an overview of the activity around the Immigration Bill.

Breaking down barriers: mentoring programme

13 October 2015

Julie Ashdown, head of Corporate Responsibility, Equality and Diversity, discusses the Law Society's new mentoring programme and explains how to sign up.

Conference season ends and parliament returns

09 October 2015

Richard Messingham considers the end of the party conference season and looks ahead to the return of parliament.

Brexit: economic modelling for legal services

08 October 2015

Catherine Dixon, Law Society chief executive, outlines the Society's latest work on economic modelling of the impact of a possible UK exit from the European Union on the legal services sector.

Party conference season continues

02 October 2015

Richard Messingham outlines the Law Society's activity at the Conservative party conference, and provides an overview of the key policy debates, developments and announcements.

President's video blog: September 2015

30 September 2015

Jonathan Smithers welcomes in the opening of the legal year and shares the highlights of the month to come.He also discusses the launch of our business and human rights programme and provides an update on court fees and the SRA's response to our consumer credit consultation.

Reflections from a political road trip

25 September 2015

Richard Messingham provides an update of the Law Society's undertakings at the Lib Dem and UKIP party conferences, as well as a more detailed review of the day-to-day activity.

The future is shared experiences

24 September 2015

Emma Maule, Law Society social media officer, considers some of the key takeaways from Social Media Week London and provides top tips for firms to enhance their online presence.

Party conference season begins

18 September 2015

Richard Messingham reflects on the new Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, and provides a précis of the Law Society's party conference activity.

Human rights work at the Law Society - get involved

17 September 2015

Sarah Smith outlines the range of human rights activity carried out at the Law Society, and explains how you can get involved.

Westminster weekly update: welcome to our new blog

11 September 2015

Richard Messingham introduces the first of a series of blogs focusing on political updates, parliamentary briefings, and what's going on in Westminster.

Winning new clients - as easy as one, two, three

10 September 2015

David Yeoward explains why it is important to have and to stick to a bid process, and outlines three easy steps to winning new clients.

President's video blog: August 2015

27 August 2015

In the second instalment of the president's video blog, Jonathan Smithers discusses our action in response to the latest government proposals to increase court fees and close 91 courts and tribunals.He talks about how our interactive map has been received by the media and how it’s helping us form our consultation response. Jonathan also shares his feedback on international conferences with law societies and bar associations in the US and Canada.

Conveyancing - is the reward worth the risk?

21 August 2015

Mark Carver outlines shifts in conveyancing fees and associated risk from a PII perspective, based on a new report.

Tweet like a pro

13 August 2015

Emma Maule, social media officer at the Law Society, provides some essential tips to get you tweeting like a pro.

Help us develop the Law Society's new strategy

06 August 2015

To make sure we meet our members' needs, we are developing our new strategy for the Law Society. We have launched a simple survey, which asks you about each of our draft strategic aims. Please take a moment to give us your thoughts. The survey closes on 11 September.

Managing and retaining talent in today's climate

30 July 2015

Julie Nicholds discusses the steps you can take to identify, manage and retain the talent in your business.

President's video blog: July 2015

23 July 2015

In this video, the president discusses mass data retention legislation, proposals to change the way solicitors qualify, the UK-China law programme, court closures and criminal legal aid.

Leading and developing legal teams: seven top tips

23 July 2015

Executive coach and former lawyer Anne Waldron offers practical tips for successful team development.

Law Society Library corporate archive

16 July 2015

Tom Ellen examines the Law Society Library’s archive of historical artefacts as part of the #archivemonth it is celebrating on Twitter, and also outlines the services it offers to members.

The year ahead

09 July 2015

It is both an honour and privilege to become the 171st president of the Law Society of England and Wales. There is a tradition for each president to present to the Law Society’s Council a ‘Presidential Plan’, setting out my priorities for next year. You can see my plan on the website, so please take a look if you have a moment. There are three main areas which will be the focus of my presidency: the rule of law, access to justice and conveyancing and land law.

Welcome to our blog

08 July 2015

Welcome to our new blog. Our staff and wider networks have a wealth of knowledge about specialist topics that we’re going to showcase here. Through the frequent provision of useful and concise information, advice and commentary, we hope to support our members’ everyday legal practice and their professional life.

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