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Solicitor Brand Campaign 2019

  • Throughout 2019 we’re continuing to promote the value of solicitors to consumers, businesses and managers with in-house legal teams, raising the profile of the solicitor profession and endorsing the use of solicitors above other sources of legal advice.

    The campaign aims to improve the understanding of the vital role solicitors play - so when consumers and businesses are faced with legal issues, solicitors are the first port of call.

    We help raise awareness of the types of legal needs people face. We drive people to our for the public pages for more information, or to the Find a Solicitor website, helping you to attract new clients.

    At the heart of the campaign we’re promoting you as:

    • experts in your field
    • honest and honourable
    • client focused
    • approachable and accessible
    • giving value for money
    • adding value to society

    Our research told us these values were important to you and are what the public and businesses want from a solicitor.

    Over the last couple of years our creative approach has been to feature real solicitors on campaign materials. This year, we’ve taken the campaign to the next level, featuring real clients sharing how their solicitor has made a difference.

    Thank you to everyone who has been involved in the campaign so far and for involving your clients either through photography and written testimonials or through video case studies to promote the value of the profession overall. We really do appreciate it.

    Solicitor Brand Campaign 2019

    What’s happening when?

    From the start of the year we’ve been continuing with social media activity which runs right through to the end of October.

    Our big burst of activity started in July with advertising on the London underground during the first two weeks of July and then throughout the whole of July on poster sites at rail stations throughout England and Wales. Advertising was also at Metro stations and within Metro carriages across Tyne and Wear.

    From 8 July to 4 August we’ll be advertising inside trams across Manchester and Sheffield, as well as inside London Midland trains, Merseyrail trains and trains across Wales.

    Our bus campaign will launch at the same time, with adverts running from 8 July to 18 August on buses across London, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield, Liverpool, Leeds, Bradford, Bristol, Leicester, Southampton and Portsmouth.

    We’ll be running a TV advert on Sky for two weeks from 8 July, covering Border England, Midlands, East England and Wales.

    For the first time, we’re also including radio and Spotify advertising within our Solicitor Brand Campaign. In July, Spotify adverts will target people across England and Wales and there will be a four-week radio campaign using a reverse auction method to maximise campaign reach.

    We have a full-page advert in the July/August issue of Business Traveller, targeting key business decision makers. Throughout September we’ll be advertising in regional newspapers in geographic areas not covered by other campaign activity, or where we want to increase the campaign presence.

    With the help of some of our members, we’ve set up Legal Expert columns with the local media in South Wales, Bradford and the North East. This will help to raise the profile of the important work solicitors do to assist people in their everyday lives and to help consumers understand their day-to-day legal needs. We’ll be looking to expand these columns to a further two regions in the coming months.

    Get involved

    Throughout the year we’ll continue targeting consumers, businesses and commissioners of legal services through:

    • social media
    • video
    • animation
    • graphics
    • infographics
    • blogs

    Social media is a key part of the campaign and we would love you to get involved and help increase its effectiveness, so please connect with us and keep an eye on what’s going on.

    If you're on Twitter:

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    @LawSocietyFAS is for our Find a Solicitor website which helps the public find solicitors.

    @SolicitorChat is our weekly Thursday 9am to 10am chat for solicitors on a different topic every week. Use the hashtag #SolicitorChat to join.

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