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Solicitor brand campaign - promoting our profession

  • Our 2018 solicitor brand campaign continues to promote the solicitor profession to an audience of consumers, businesses and managers with in-house legal teams, raising its profile and endorsing the use of solicitors above other sources of legal advice.

    The campaign aims to improve the understanding of the vital role solicitors play and drive more people to the Law Society public pages - to help consumers understand their legal needs, and our Find a Solicitor website - so we can help you to attract new clients.

    At the heart of the campaign is our promotion of you as experts in your field - as honest and honourable, client-focused, approachable and accessible, giving value for money and adding value to society. These are the values that our research told us were important to you, and that the public and businesses want from a solicitor.

    Get involved

    We’re setting up local media panels to help consumers understand the important work solicitors do to assist people in their everyday lives. We'd like our members to get involved.
    Find out more

    As part of the solicitor brand campaign, we’ve created a whole suite of campaign posters featuring genuine members from around the country. You can download these or customise them with your own logo and contact details - you can even add photos of your own solicitors. To find out more visit My Law Society.

    We will be sharing content enabling you to download adverts, videos and animations to use on your own websites and social media channels. These will also be available from My Law Society.

    Promoting the solicitor profession

    Advertising campaign 2018

    We’ve listened to your feedback and this year we’ve broadened the reach of our campaign, using a range of tactics and communication channels to get our messages across to as many people as possible.

    • Bus advertising: from 16 April to 13 May on buses across Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Wolverhampton, Sunderland, Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield, London, Bangor, Cardiff and Newport. Also on buses in Birmingham from 23 April to 20 May.
    • Digital screen advertising: from 16-20 April on screens in Birmingham, Southampton, Portsmouth, Bristol, Manchester, London, Kingston, Sheffield, Leeds, Doncaster, Sunderland, Newcastle, Cardiff and York McArthur Glen.
    • Tram advertising: adverts inside Manchester and Sheffield trams from 30 April to 27 May.
    • Rail advertising: adverts at rail stations across England and Wales from 7 May to 3 June and in rail carriages of Merseyrail and London Midland trains from 30 April to 27 May.
    • Metro advertising: adverts inside Tyne and Wear Metro carriages from 23 April to 20 May.
    • London Underground advertising: adverts in London Underground carriages from 23 April to 20 May.
    • TV advertising: ran from 11-21 May on ITV in the following regions: West Country, Meridian, South Coast, Anglia East, Yorkshire Belmont, Border and West.
    • Print and online advertising: continuing to advertise in publications such as Business Traveller, aimed at key business decision makers throughout the year, and in May we advertised in various regional newspapers to broaden our reach geographically.
    • PR and social media: activity will run throughout the year to raise the profile of the profession both on- and offline.

    Nationwide campaign advertising