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Get involved in the 2019 Solicitor Brand Campaign - we need your help!

  • We’ll be promoting the solicitor profession throughout 2019 to consumers, businesses and managers, raising its profile and endorsing the use of solicitors above other sources of legal advice.

    Our campaign will develop understanding of the vital role solicitors play and drive more people to the Law Society public pages (to help consumers understand their legal needs) and our Find a Solicitor website (which helps you attract new clients).

    At the heart of the campaign is our promotion of you as experts in your field – as honest and honourable, client-focused, approachable and accessible, giving value for money and adding value to society. These are the values that our research told us were important to you, and that the public and businesses want from a solicitor.

    Our 2019 campaign – happy clients

    happy clients

    Over the last two years our campaign has featured real solicitors. We want the 2019 campaign to feature happy clients who have positive things to say about their experience of using a solicitor, and who are willing to be one of the ‘faces’ of the campaign.

    We want real people who will bring the campaign to life and endorse solicitors because they received such a good legal service from you, by being featured on press or outdoor adverts alongside a testimonial, or through video case studies.

    We’ll also feature solicitors in some of the photography and in video case studies. The content we create will promote the solicitor profession overall, so won’t include individual solicitor details. However, we can create alternative versions for members who get involved so you can use them in your own marketing materials.

    Read on if you’re interested in being involved.

    Clients to be the ‘face’ of our advertising campaign

    Do you have a happy client who isn’t camera shy and who would love to have their face on the side of a bus, on rail station posters, inside rail carriages, on the tube, in press adverts, in social media advertising etc. to promote the solicitor profession?
    Find out more

    Clients to feature in our campaign videos

    Do you have a client who would be happy to appear on camera talking about how your legal advice has positively impacted their life or the success of their business? We’re looking for impactful stories from clients which resonate with other consumers or business owners in a meaningful way.
    Find out more

    Volunteers wanted for local media panels

    We’re setting up local media panels to help consumers understand the important work solicitors do to assist people in their everyday lives. We'd like our members to get involved.
    Find out more

    Promoting the profession

    promoting the profession

    Our 2019 campaign will include:

    • social media
    • video
    • radio advertising
    • outdoor advertising including bus, rail, tram and tube
    • online advertising
    • video-on-demand advertising
    • newspaper advertising.

    We’ll provide more details on the above once the campaign is underway in 2019.

    Download shareable content

    We will be sharing content enabling you to download graphics, adverts and videos to use on your own websites and social media channels. These will also be available from My Law Society.

    Customise campaign posters

    As part of the 2017/18 solicitor brand campaign, we created a whole suite of campaign posters featuring genuine members from around the country. You can download these or customise them with your own logo and contact details – you can even add photos of your own solicitors. To find out more, visit My Law Society.