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Legal Service Board's strategy consultation - Law Society response

16 February 2018

The Legal Services Board (LSB) consulted on its draft strategy 2018-21 and business plan 2018/19.

The LSB proposes to focus its strategy on three key areas:

  • Promoting the public interest through ensuring independent, effective and proportionate regulation.
  • Making it easier for all consumers to access the services they need and get redress.
  • Increasing innovation, growth and the diversity of services and providers. 

The draft business plan includes work on the implementation of the CMA’s remedies to improve information transparency to clients, and considering applications from the SRA for the Handbook rule changes.

The Law Society has responded to the LSB to highlight the areas of concern, or where further work is needed to ensure the LSB fulfils its strategic aims. For example:

  • Focusing on instilling greater stability and confidence in the legal sector, given the current pace of change and uncertainty within the profession and wider economy.
  • Applying sufficient weight to all regulatory objectives set out in the Legal Services Act, including promoting the welfare of consumers, public interest, rule of law, access to justice and a strong, independent diverse legal profession.
  • Ensuring that any regulatory changes proposed by frontline regulators are evidence-based and robustly risk assessed.


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