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SRA consultation on Reporting Concerns - Law Society response

4 October 2018

The Law Society has published its response to the SRA’s Reporting Concerns consultation. We have always maintained that greater clarity in the process for reporting misconduct is essential to ensure that serious breaches are dealt with quickly. In our response we argue that the system should be suitable for the entire profession, from sole practitioners to larger firms.

For the system to operate effectively, it is in the best interests of the public, our members and their clients that the reporting process is clearly defined and easily understood.

It is important that a common-sense approach is chosen that recognises the importance of reporting matters appropriately, but equally deters over-reporting. We have set out how we believe this balance should be struck, in a way which gives practitioners clarity over when they must report.

The Law Society believes that the solicitor profession rightly maintains exceptionally high professional and ethical standards. Achieving the right balance in the reporting concerns wording will help to maintain this and is therefore important for the smooth running of justice and the public’s continuing confidence in the profession. The SRA should take the opportunity to clarify the reporting obligation prior to the introduction of any revised codes of conduct.


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