A market-leading, flexible and convenient solution to managing legal accounts.
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this is paragraph 3. Losing valuable hours trying to stay on top of accounting? Quill's outsourced legal cashiering is a flexible, friendly and scalable service that saves time and, more importantly, allows solicitors to focus on what matters most – fee-earning. Quill's legal cashiers are rigorously trained to efficiently manage all the time-intensive data entry, compliant-centric reconciliations and accounting tasks (such as billing and monthly financial reporting). This saves busy partners hours of frustration and minimises the risk of law firms making costly mistakes or being shut down.

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this is paragraph 5. Professional, efficient and personable, law firms trust Quill's legal cashiers to take care of all their daily, weekly, monthly and annual regulatory and accounting compliance needs. With a customer-focused approach, Quill legal cashiers develop a close, one-to-one relationship with each client, operating as a seamless extension of the law firm's staff.

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this is paragraph 7. All Quill legal cashiers are active members of the Institute of Legal Finance and Management (ILFM), the professional body for those working in legal finance and legal practice management, including compliance officers for finance and administration (COFAs). Quill's legal cashiers come with years of experience working within the legal sector and managing law firms' financial accounts in accordance with the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) Accounts Rules. Plus, once a practice is assigned a named legal cashier from within Quill's 50-strong team, this comes with a supervisor, escalation procedures and absence-cover arrangements to resolve any issue, however complex, and ensure business continuity.

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this is paragraph 9. As the largest outsourced legal cashiering bureau in the UK, Quill is fully equipped to support SME law firms that may be struggling with costs, recruitment, holiday cover, sickness absence or regulatory fears. Quill lifts the heavy burden of recruiting, hiring, training, managing and developing a team member whilst ensuring stringent regulatory requirements are met.

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this is paragraph 10. Cashiering isn't the only outsourced legal service that Quill provides. The company also offers expert payroll and type and transcription capabilities, as well as a brand new digital post room service. Choose between any combination of these services to see how easy it is to avoid the payroll minefield, reduce administrative overheads or take that all-important step to finally going paperless.

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