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Accreditation fees

There is a fee for initial application. The accreditation period lasts for three years, whereupon a re-accreditation fee will become payable for a renewed three-year membership period.

The cost of accreditation is divided into two parts: an application fee and membership fee. Some applicants will be invited to attend an interview at our Chancery Lane office in London. Please note that travelling expenses are not refundable.

A refund of the membership fee will be given to applicants who are not successfully accredited at either initial or re-accreditation.

Please do not make payment when submitting your application. On receipt of your application, the amount payable will be determined and an invoice will be sent to the individual applying for accreditation.

Application Application fee
(ex VAT)
Membership fee
(ex VAT)
(ex VAT)
VAT @ 20% Total
(inc VAT)
Initial application £192 £323 £515 £103 £618  
Re-accreditation £192 £323 £515 £103 £618                                     

Other fees

The following other fees apply for late applications, certificate re-issue and appeals:

Other fees - All accreditations Total fee
(ex VAT)
VAT @ 20% Total
(inc VAT)
Late application £103.00 £20.60 £123.60  
Certificate re-issue £10.00 £2.00 £12.00  
Appeal against decision to refuse accreditation £258.00 £51.60 £309.60  

Contact us

If you have any queries about our Personal Injury Accreditation, please contact the accreditation office:

Telephone: 020 7320 5797