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New guidance report on anti-money laundering

1 December 2014

The International Bar Association, the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe and the American Bar Association have jointly issued a new guidance report on anti-money laundering, called A Lawyers Guide to Detecting and Preventing Money Laundering (PDF, 1mb).

The guide is aimed at providing practical advice to legal professionals around the world as to the risks that they may face in order to place them in the best possible position to address those risks.

The report provides legal professionals with the tools to minimise their chances of becoming unwittingly involved in money laundering.

The Law Society's Money Laundering Task Force played a major part in the drafting and editing of this report. We recommend  it as a useful resource for all legal professionals, not just for money laundering reporting officers, but for senior partners, junior staff members and everyone in-between.

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