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New office leases

8 November 2017

The Law Society has produced two standard short office leases which are available in PDF and Word document form.

The two forms are:

These leases are suitable for relatively short lets of office premises. They are designed for either the whole or part of a building. They are intended to be suitable for leases of up to ten years and only including one rent review.

The leases are set out in a comprehensive and mainly self-explanatory manner, with what is hoped are clear definitions. They have been designed to achieve a fair balance between landlord and tenant, with the aim of limiting the need for negotiations. We hope that these documents will enable transactions to be completed more easily.

They will be available through our usual suppliers:

The Law Society online bookshop
Oyez Straker
Peapod Legal Office Ltd
Shaw & Sons Ltd

The existing Law Society commercial office leases will be retained. These leases are extremely short, and they are only suitable for the very simplest of commercial lettings.

The new office leases will be supplied alongside the existing leases if you order these. The new office leases are available online:

Law Society short form model commercial lease (office/part) 

Law Society short form model commercial lease (office/whole) 


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