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Court reform

  • HMCTS are investing £1 billion in their seven-year reform programme to modernise the courts and tribunals system. The programme aims to create services that are digital by default and design including digitising paper-based services, moving cases online, court closures, introducing virtual hearings, and centralising customer services.

    The Law Society agrees that a modernised court service and efficient use of technology would benefit all users. However, this must not come at the expense of justice. The system must be open, accessible and affordable. Moreover, those who use the system must be able to get independent legal advice and representation from qualified professionals at the points where they need it. To achieve this, we are engaging with HMCTS to ensure our views and the views of our members, and the needs of clients, are fully considered in the development of proposals and design of reformed services.

    Solicitors are integral in shaping the HMCTS programme which will fundamentally transform the role of a solicitor in any type of litigation - from corporate firms to high street firms - and we must ensure it works for them. To assist with this, we are working with our policy committees and the wider legal community to ensure we understand what aspects of the programme cause concern, so we can try to persuade HMCTS to address those concerns.

    To help you understand and adapt to the changes, whether welcome or unwelcome, we will keep you informed of developments, be a trusted source of insight and guidance, and notify you of upcoming HMCTS events including roadshows, workshops, online events and research sessions, which we encourage you to engage in.

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    Law Society seeks clarity around probate delays

    We met with HMCTS again for an update on the delays to the probate system. Find out what they're doing to improve the probate service.

    11 September 2019

    Law Society reviews delays to the probate service

    We met with HMCTS again to review how they have been addressing the issues impacting the probate service since we last met.

    19 August 2019

    HMCTS publishes evaluation framework for flexible operating hours pilots

    The government has published an evaluation framework for the upcoming flexible operating hours pilots, which are due to begin on 2 September 2019.

    23 July 2019

    Take part in the HMCTS online probate reform event

    HMCTS is hosting an online event on probate reform.

    12 June 2019

    Take part in the HMCTS online tribunal reform event

    HMCTS is hosting an online event on tribunal reform on Wednesday 26 June 2019 from 1pm to 2pm.

    29 May 2019

    Law Society challenges HMCTS on delays to the probate service

    We challenged HMCTS to explain the ongoing delays to the probate service and provide reassurances of the steps being taken to address the problems.

    17 May 2019

    Criminal justice roadshows 2019

    We are travelling the country collecting your views to inform our engagement with the government's criminal justice reform programme.

    9 May 2019

    Campaigns discussed at justice oral questions

    Our criminal justice and early advice campaigns were raised with the lord chancellor and his ministerial team during justice oral questions.

    25 April 2019

    Take part in HMCTS' rescheduled online family reform event

    HMCTS is hosting an online event on family reform on Tuesday 2 April from 1pm to 2pm. Attend to see how reform will affect your practice.

    25 March 2019

    HMCTS announces court reform extension

    HM Courts and Tribunals Service has announced a one-year extension of its court reform programme.

    7 March 2019
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  • Contact us

    If you have any queries regarding the court reform programme or would like more information on member engagement, please contact Valerie Robertson or Emily Weidner.

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