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Multi-Party Action Information Service

Multi-party actions occur when a significant number of claimants have closely related or similar claims arising from the same event. They fall into three broad categories:  

  • sudden disasters such as personal injury or fatal accident claims, including damage to property. 
  • rolling claims which are claims arising from a single cause such as an allegedly defective drug or product.
  • consumer claims where the claims are related to defective goods or services, personal injury or financial loss, such as mis-sold endowment policies. 

The Practice Advice Service operates the Multi-Party Action Information Service. Before applying for a Group Litigation Order (GLO) the solicitor acting for the proposed applicant should obtain information about other cases giving rise to the proposed GLO issues. If your firm is already participating in, or contemplating participation in an action, contact us so that we can record the details. 

Please note that once a GLO has been made firms are required to supply a copy of the GLO to the Law Society as stated in Practice Direction 19B, para. 11 of the Civil Procedure Rules. Please contact us for further information.

Multi-Party Action Information Service
Practice Advice Service
The Law Society
113 Chancery Lane
London WC2A 1PL
DX56 Chancery Lane

Tel: 020 7320 5675

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