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Wesleyan practising certificate and regulatory fees - spread payment facility

  • Funding your SRA fees and practising certificates

    Wesleyan Bank The spread payment facility allows you to spread the cost of your practising certificate and regulatory fees over 10 equal monthly instalments and is paid directly to the SRA the next working day following approval* allowing immediate reconciliation of your account. Make your application by visiting the Wesleyan Bank website and clicking on the ‘Apply now’ button.

    The process is simple, and upon approval the full invoice amount will be paid automatically to the SRA the following working day.

    Making your application

    1. Go to the MySRA portal and make a note of your invoice number and the amount due.
    2. If you wish to use the spread payment facility, you should select the 'Bill Me' payment option when concluding your SRA submission.
    3. That option will bring you to this page where you should follow this link to Wesleyan Bank's practising certificates funding for legal firms page.
    4. Get an instant quote and make your application in minutes using the invoice details you have obtained from MySRA.
    5. The funds will be paid directly to the SRA on your behalf.

    Please note: application for the facility does not guarantee acceptance and, in the unlikely event of your application not being accepted, you will need to ensure full payment is made to the SRA by the required deadline.

    If you intend to use this facility, please make your application as soon as possible and remember to include your invoice number on your application.

    *Once application is approved, payment will be made the following day by BACS