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Preparing for the GDPR: Answering your questions part 4

4 April 2018

We answer some of the questions raised from our series of articles on preparing for the GDPR.

Thank you to those who have sent in questions and provided feedback on our 'Preparing for the GDPR' series. You can find all previous episodes on our specialist guidance pages.

You can send us your thoughts and questions on any GDPR topic by emailing us.

While we are not able to respond to queries individually, we do hope to address the main issues you raise over the coming weeks.

Below are answers to some of the questions we have received so far.

Is legal professional privilege affected by the Data Protection Bill?

The data protection bill currently before parliament provides that certain GDPR provisions do not apply to personal data that consists of information in respect of which a claim to legal professional privilege could be maintained in legal proceedings. These provisions concern the information to be provided to data subjects and access to data.

We will provide updates to the profession should any provisions in the bill change.

How do I handle a data subject access request?

Rights to access personal data under the GDPR are broadly similar to existing rights but with some notable changes. These include the right to be given some additional information (for example, concerning the rights given to data subjects and the existence of any automated decision making), the absence of a fee for access to data and a new, lower, time limit for responding to requests of one month. View the ICO’s guidance.

Next steps

Next week will be our final week to answer your questions on new data protection rules. If you do have any questions for our GDPR experts, please email them to as soon as possible.

Our team is also currently finalising a guide for firms to help them consider their data processing activity in preparing for the GDPR. This will be published soon. It will address many of the issues being faced by law firms and many of the questions that we have been unable to get to as part of our weekly series.

Upcoming GDPR conference

Our GDPR conference, 'Get Data Protection Ready: Down to the wire', will be held at the Law Society on 17 April. You won’t want to miss the chance to hear from experts including representatives from the ICO, the National Cyber Security Centre and other law firms.

Book your place now

Further information

Our GDPR pages provide useful information on various elements of GDPR as well as external links which may be of use.

The ICO provides a guide on preparing for GDPR which should be your first stop as you work towards compliance. They have also developed two checklists for data controllers and data processors which may be of use.

We have provided guidance for law firms on when it may be necessary to appoint a data protection officer.

We encourage you to share useful information with your colleagues. Everyone in your firm will have some responsibility for GDPR compliance.


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