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Legal Sustainability Alliance

  • The term 'sustainability' is now a common word in the lexicon of many organisations. In a commercial context, it is generally understood to relate to how a business balances the three connected elements of continued profitability while preventing harm to the natural environment and to society as a whole through its operations and activities (these elements are sometimes thought of as the three legs of a stool).

    For many organisations, preventing harm usually means simply ensuring compliance with prevailing legislation. We believe this is the de minimis, that compliance is just the starting point. Taking a more proactive approach to sustainability - going beyond what the law requires and looking for ways to add real value to the environment and society can often bring real benefits to firms and ultimately improve bottom line profitability.

    We encourage all members of the Law Society, in whatever size firm or practice, to take a proactive approach to sustainability. Examples of how this can lead to increased competiveness and profitability of your firm include:

    • energy, water and waste management - reduced utility bills
    • improved use of resources - lower cost of consumables (eg paper)
    • clear commitment to sustainability - improved ability to meet the requirements of client tenders (many of which now go beyond simply asking to see your firm's environmental policy and require evidence of action)
    • strong leadership on sustainability can raise your profile and differentiate your firm from others in a highly competitive market, helping you to attract talent and meet clients' needs

    Law Society members are in organisations that are at different stages of their sustainability journey. To help share knowledge, provide support and encourage progress, the Law Society supports the Legal Sustainability Alliance (LSA).

    The LSA is an inclusive movement of solicitors, legal firms and organisations committed to working collaboratively to improve the environmental sustainability of their operations and activities.

    Membership of the LSA is free and provides a number of benefits including:

    • access (via a dedicated Member Area) to resources produced by and for the legal sector, covering issues, such as quick wins, energy management, sustainable procurement and adapting to climate change
    • free use of a bespoke carbon-footprinting tool, powered by Greenstone, a leading provider of non-financial reporting software solutions
    • access to advice and guidance on environmental issues, including case studies, a member forum and blog articles
    • one-to-one mentoring or advice on specific issues (eg writing an environmental policy and reducing energy bills)
    • opportunities to engage with other members (workshops, webinars, events and amember forum) and take a leadership role within the LSA (eg as an Executive Firm)

    Please consider signing your firm or practices up to the LSA. More information is available from the LSA website.

    The LSA is keen to support law firms and share its insights and learning. It hosts a number of events across the country. See their upcoming events.

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