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Public legal education strategy

23 November 2017

The Law Society’s PLE strategy (agreed November 2017)

The Law Society’s PLE strategy is based on improving public understanding of the importance of the rule of law, access to justice and constitutional rights.

The strategy will focus on the following three aims:

  • To assist the public to understand when and how they can and should take legal advice from a qualified regulated solicitor.
  • To inform the public about where legal aid still exists and when it can be used.
  • To improve the public’s perception of the justice system, and solicitors specifically, through increased understanding of the law.

  • These aims will be realised through the Law Society’s work in:

    • Supporting solicitors who want to develop PLE as part of their CSR strategy, including, but not limited to, supporting the work of the Citizenship Foundation’s Lawyers in Schools Program.
    • Engaging with key external stakeholders such as the government and PLE providers to ensure the above aims are included in their work on PLE.
    • Embedding the principle of the Law Society’s PLE into government projects, such as the Solicitor General’s Working Group, the HMCTS programme, the Citizenship curriculum, and the MOJ Green Paper.
    • Effective signposting - enabling the sharing of tools and sources of PLE, both just in time and just in case, to both our members and the general public.
    • Developing an in depth understanding of the PLE literature and evidence, including promoting the value of instructing a solicitor over others.
    • Auditing all Law Society PLE-related internal activities in order to coordinate and rationalise the Society’s PLE work.