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Solicitors: Here to help - promoting our profession

12 April 2018

Throughout 2018 we continue to promote the solicitor profession, raising its profile and endorsing the use of solicitors above other sources of legal advice.

Our campaign aims to improve the understanding of the vital role solicitors play and drive more people to the Law Society public pages - to help consumers understand their legal needs, and to our Find a Solicitor website - so that we can help you attract new clients.

At the heart of the campaign is our promotion of you as experts in your field - as honest and honourable, client-focused, approachable and accessible, who give value for money and benefit society. These are the values our research told us were important to you, and that the public and businesses want from a solicitor.

We’ve listened to your feedback and this year we’ve broadened the reach of our campaign, using a range of tactics and communication channels to get our messages across to as many people as possible.

Advertising across the UK

In mid-April we’ll be advertising on digital screens in locations including Birmingham, Southampton, Portsmouth, Bristol, Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Sunderland, Newcastle, Cardiff and Doncaster.

At the same time, we’ll launch our campaign on buses in Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol, Wolverhampton, Sunderland, Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield, London, Bangor, Cardiff and Newport.

This will be followed by adverts in Metro carriages across Tyne and Wear and on London Underground carriages, and at the end of the month, in trams across Manchester and Sheffield and inside Merseyrail and London Midland train carriages.

Early May will see the launch of our national rail campaign at stations across England and Wales and then, in the middle of May, we’ll run our TV advert across five ITV regions.

We'll continue to advertise in publications such as Business Traveller, aimed at key business decision makers, and throughout April and May we’ll be advertising in regional newspapers and online to reach the public in geographic areas not covered by the outdoor or TV advertising.

Throughout the year we’ll be targeting consumers, businesses and commissioners of legal services through social media, pushing out videos, animations, graphics, infographics and blogs.

Visit thesolicitor brand campaign page to keep up-to-date with what’s happening.

Order free customised posters to promote you and your firm

As part of the solicitor brand campaign, we’ve created a whole suite of campaign posters featuring genuine members from around the country. Now you can customise these with your own logo and contact details - you can even add photos of your own solicitors.

There are different posters (available in English and Welsh) aimed at consumers, small businesses, large business clients and colleagues of in-house teams.

The first 300 firms to register and place an order on the Solicitor Brand campaign website will get up to £30 worth of materials (including delivery) free of charge. In many cases this will be enough to cover the cost of your whole order, making your marketing budget go further, and helping to raise your profile and associate your firm with this national campaign.

View a screencast of how to create your account on the Solicitor Brand campaign website and how to customise your resources. Campaign posters can be customised and ordered at


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