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Health and wellbeing report 2014

6 August 2015

During July and October 2014, 1,517 telephone interviews were conducted with Practising Certificate (PC) holders in England and Wales, about different aspects of their working lives. This report outlines the findings from a set of questions relating to health and wellbeing.

The main findings of the survey are:

Good health: 85 per cent of solicitors reported being in good health, a slight fall from 88 per cent in 2013 but still four percentage points above figures for the working population nationally.

Sick days: On average, those taking time off due to ill-health or injury took 5.7 days, a fall from 6.6 days in 2013.

Work ethic: 39 per cent of solicitors reported going to work when sick leave should have been taken, a fall from 45 per cent in 2013.

Stress levels: 96 per cent of solicitors said they experienced negative stress, with 19 per cent at 'severe' or 'extreme' levels, a slight increase from 16 per cent in 2013. Workload and client expectations were identified as the most common causes of stress in the Law Society's 2013 research.

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