Lawtech programme and events

Technology drives change in the legal services sector and the justice system.

The increasing use of algorithms and artificial intelligence in the justice system means we need to thoroughly examine regulation, safeguards and ethical constraints on the use of these technologies.

Legal practice is also changing, with lawyers learning new skills and adopting new technologies in their organisations. This gives the profession significant opportunities to innovate and provide better services for clients. They can increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve outcomes.

The legal profession can also harness technology to promote access to justice.

Recognising the importance of this field, we’re running a comprehensive programme of work on technology and the law.

What we’re doing

We aim to:

  • be an influential voice in legal, regulatory and ethical debates about the role of emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence and machine-learning, and their impact on the law and legal practice
  • inform and advise members about how technology can be applied in legal practice and the opportunities it gives their organisations
  • provide legal, policy and ethical analysis on the uses of technologies in the justice system
  • increase engagement with lawtech start-ups and other tech commercial providers
  • help members comply with IT-related professional obligations and regulatory requirements, such as data protection and cyber security

How we work

We deliver through our:

Get involved in lawtech events

You can get involved in our lawtech work through attending:

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