Legal sector joins forces with other professional services providers to highlight what it needs in UK-EU deal

The Law Society and some of our leading firms have been working with other professional and business services providers to highlight the important contribution we make to the UK and EU economy. 

We add nearly £188bn of gross value to the economy each year (11 per cent of the UK’s total), and employ 4.6 million people (13% of the UK workforce, many of them outside London).

It is important that the professional and business services sector continues to thrive post-Brexit. For a successful Brexit, the UK-EU agreement should:

  • Ensure the mutual recognition and enforcement of British jurisdiction clauses and judgments in the EU-27 and vice versa
  • Allow clients in the UK and EU-27 to choose how and where they receive PBS services
  • Provide for the mutual recognition of:
    • Professional qualifications
    • Products
    • Operating licences
  • Enshrine a system which allows UK and EU-27 PBS businesses to continue to use their current corporate forms to service clients across Europe
  • Ensure continued co-operation in areas that facilitate cross-border trade, including the exchange of personal data. 

View the Professional and Business Services infographic 

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