Future Worlds 2050: Inside the Futures Studio

Welcome to Inside the Futures Studio with Jigsaw Foresight – a podcast miniseries about possible futures and the way we can respond, react or adapt to them.

The series forms part of our Future Worlds 2050 project.

Join Dr Tara Chittenden, foresight manager at the Law Society, and Victoria Ward and Dr Wendy Schultz from Jigsaw Foresight as they host conversations with interesting people practising futures thinking in different sectors.

They bring their insights to bear on futures thinking in the legal profession and share how they use futures tools in their own profession.

Three horizons and membership organisations with Laura Wilkinson

The first podcast is with Laura Wilkinson, programme director at the Museum of London.

She talks about foresight and an embedded use of the three horizons tools across staff to help the museum explore their futures.

Listen to the podcast:

Foresight values and heritage with Professor Richard Sandford

The second podcast is with Professor Richard Sandford, ex-head of foresight at the government and professor of heritage, foresight and policy at University College London.

He explores how a risk management or innovation stance towards the future shapes the types of questions you ask about what’s next.

Listen to the podcast:

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