Legal Sustainability Alliance releases annual report

This year, 59 Legal Sustainability Alliance (LSA) member law firms reported their carbon footprint - an increase on last year and a record number, with 9 firms reporting for the first time.

28 law firms have now consistently reported for 8 years or more. LSA members have shown a 56 per cent reduction in their combined carbon footprint and a 39 per cent reduction in average per capita emissions.

This highlights the benefit of consistently measuring and reporting your firm’s carbon footprint and working alongside colleagues and others to reduce it.

The annual report contains data tables and results for all the firms who have reported. Carbon emissions per employee are down this year across all the reporting firms, continuing the steady downward trend of recent years. The 28 firms who have reported consistently over the last 8 years report an average reduction in their carbon footprint per employee from just over 5tCO2e to 3.07tCO2e. That’s a truly impressive 39 per cent reduction.

Law Society vice president Christina Blacklaws said, “It is a pleasure to support the Legal Sustainability Alliance and to see it grow year by year. The Law Society supports and applauds law firms’ initiatives to become increasingly sustainable and to reduce their carbon footprint. This is not only in the interests of the planet - it also makes good business sense, helping to reduce costs and retain clients.

“It is our hope that through the LSA’s collaborative network, our members continue to promote a cultural shift within their working practices, towards greater environmental sustainability.”

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