Why we work with endorsed partners

Louise Hanson, executive director of member experience at the Law Society, explains why we partner with commercial organisations, and the value it adds to your membership.

Why did the Law Society decide to partner with commercial organisations?

We believe the opportunity to hear from commercial organisations is an important part of our membership and offers the best possible value. It can bring extra insight, expertise and understanding on newly emerging areas of thinking, including cybersecurity, digital and legaltech.

What is the process for choosing a partner?

We always start by considering what our members need, and the issues they face – career development, running their businesses, grappling with emerging trends, and so on. We identify partners who can really offer value and something new to our members, and who can work well with our brand.

Collaboration is also very important. We need to be confident that the partner will be a good fit for the Law Society. But it must work both ways: we want to ensure the partner can get value from working with us, too.

How do you take members’ needs into account when choosing a partner?

As a membership organisation, feedback is key to finding out what our members want. We have the annual members survey; our team of relationship managers gathers insight from members across England and Wales; we track traffic on our website and monitor engagement with our many newsletters. We have a large number of touchpoints for our members that help us identify what’s really important to them.

What should members look out for in 2020?

We are launching our new website in the spring, which will provide a more personalised experience for members and greater opportunities for partners to engage with specific parts of the membership and emphasise the value and relevance of their products and services.

We’ll continue to look for opportunities to support members via other commercial partnerships – whether that’s in the emerging tech space, the business of doing law, or lifestyle. We have a huge membership pool with diverse needs and interests, both in and outside work, and we’ll be working hard to negotiate further exclusive discounts for members.

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