Common legal issues and coronavirus (COVID-19) toolkit for MPs

We've put together a toolkit as a resource to help MPs and their staff answer questions they're likely to be getting from their constituents.

The solicitors’ profession feels a strong sense of responsibility to help keep the wheels of justice turning and to uphold the rule of law through these unprecedented times.

Many solicitors continue to serve the public as key workers to ensure that they can continue to facilitate access to justice, and support in legal matters, where it is needed. Others are adapting their businesses so they can support individuals, families and businesses who are facing legal issues or need advice whilst maintaining social distancing rules.

Local constituents will be facing significant challenges in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, including a number of legal issues.

Legal issues can be confusing, complex and leave constituents unsure of what they need to do and what could happen as a result of the decisions they make.

Although this guidance does not replace legal advice it provides an overview of the:

  • key issues
  • legal points to consider
  • government or regulator guidance which may help constituents

A solicitor can guide constituents through relevant legal processes, let them know what choices are available and answer any questions they have. Getting early advice from a solicitor means that constituents can benefit immediately from the support of a trained legal professional who will understand their circumstances and work to obtain the best possible outcome.

You can find a local law firm or solicitor on the Find a Solicitor website, our official database of legal professionals.

If there are other legal issues that we can support you in as you help your constituents, email us at