BAME research - Call for solicitors to take part in virtual roundtables

Following discussions with and input from our Ethnic Minority Lawyers Division (EMLD), we began conducting research into the career experiences of black and ethnic minority members of the legal profession in late 2019. Our aim is to better understand the barriers to entry and progression and highlight other challenges and opportunities faced by the BAME community within the sector.

In the second stage of this project, which consisted of virtual roundtables and an online survey, we invited solicitors to be involved. We were keen to hear the views of practitioners from a wide range of organisations and areas of law alongside insights from other professionals working in the sector involved in the recruitment and career progression of solicitors (HR, recruiters and D&I professionals).

Some virtual roundtables were held in July, with some being held in August on our behalf by DJS Research. They will bring together groups of up to six participants and the sessions will be run under the Chatham House rule. The full names of participants and their employers will not be visible to other participants in these sessions. 

All contributions in both the survey and the roundtables were anonymised and the intelligence gathered will inform our final report and our strategy to better support and promote black and ethnic minority solicitors in the profession.

We are now conducting virtual roundtables with recruiters, HR professionals and partners through August as part of our research, forming the third stage of this project. Its aim is to better understand the challenges organisations face in attracting, retaining and progressing BAME talent.

The confirmed dates are:

  • 06 August - 5pm
  • 11 August - 2pm
  • 12 August - 5pm
  • 13 August - 2pm
  • 18 August - 5pm
  • 19 August - 2pm

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Please email Jerry Garvey to attend the August roundtables.