Diversity and equality - why it’s so important

Associate solicitor at Moore Blatch, Amandeep Khasriya, comments on why diversity and equality have always been important influences and challenges in her life.

Amandeep KrasriyaAs an Asian woman in the UK today, diversity and equality have always been important influences - and challenges - in my life.

So I’m proud to work for a forward-thinking law firm such as Moore Blatch LLP, who have proactively engaged with the Law Society’s diversity and inclusion programme, to advocate and champion these issues.

We were involved in, for example, the Law Society’s recent diversity and inclusion meeting (for London and the South East region), which we hosted at our London office, discussing the Women in Leadership in Law project.

As an Asian woman, mother and lawyer, I am passionate about raising awareness of the barriers faced by women in law and helping to shift the dial faster towards gender equality in law.

Why? Because, as a profession, while we’ve made great strides in tackling issues around diversity and gender equality, we still have some way to go before the scales are balanced.

The statistics speak for themselves - while the diversity of legal talent within law firms is increasing, diversity at partnership level remains low.

At the current rate of progress, it is anticipated that it will take until 2043 to achieve gender balance in leadership. And according to these statistics, as a woman and a lawyer from an ethnic minority background, the disadvantages for me double.

So, if we are to readdress the balance, there is no room for complacency and we all need do to our part to drive change faster.

What more can we do? We need to offer more visible female and male role models, from all walks of life, to current and future generations. We need to show it’s possible to reach senior leadership roles and have fulfilling personal lives.

But for that to happen, firms need to face the issues and champion change from within.

At Moore Blatch, inclusive leadership is championed from the top of the firm, by its partners and leadership. As a firm, we are committed to achieving a diverse and inclusive workplace, as we recognise the immense value it brings to any business.

The impetus for change and challenging social norms is particularly important this year, as 2019 is the centenary of the Sex Disqualification (Removal) Act.

This legislation recognised women in the UK as ‘persons’, enabling women to practise law.

As we celebrate this historic landmark and reflect on women’s achievements to-date, it gives us an opportunity to inspire the next generation of professionals - men and women alike - to work together to drive change and to create a more equal future.

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