Family and children

Changes to the Family Procedure Rules

Changes to the Family Procedure Rules 2010 (FPR 2010) will come into effect from October 2021.


The Family Procedure (Amendment No. 2) Rules 2021 will come into force in October 2021 (except rules 3 to 6).

The statutory instrument makes a few changes to the Family Procedure Rules 2010.

These changes amend:

  • part 3A – which makes provision in relation to vulnerable parties and witnesses as required by section 63 of the Domestic Abuse Act 2021
  • rules 10.3, 10.6 and 10.10 – to clarify that the court may direct a means of service other than personal service for a part 4 Family Law Act 1996 application or order
  • rule 27.11 – to make provision to allow 'legal bloggers' access to specified family proceedings which are usually held in private, in the same way as accredited media representatives can attend such proceedings
  • rule 29.6 – documents relating to gender recognition are to be held in special security by the court

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