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HMCTS update: issues with represented respondent journey

HM Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS) has informed us of a ‘bug’ on the represented respondent journey for the online divorce service.

If a registered respondent solicitor is selected, the case access administrator (CAA) of that organisation can view the divorce application in the unassigned case list.

They are not able to access the case or view all of the inputs, but they can see that one is at the 'statement of truth' stage.

HMCTS is working on a fix so that the CAA will only see the case, but this may be a few weeks away.

To avoid the issue in the meantime, users are advised to:

  • not select the registered solicitor for the respondent until you are ready to submit the case, or
  • select ‘no’ for the represented respondent question

This will mean that you’ll get paper outputs.

A banner message will be added to MyHMCTS.

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